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H.K. Edgerton

Southern Ladies and Gentlemen:

It's pretty easy to understand and support people of your own race. After all, you share many of the same traits, similar outward appearance and much of the same history and culture. There is no shortage of people and organizations speaking up and advocating for their particular race.

It is rare to find a person or organization that speaks up and advocates for all races. Most don't even try to understand the feelings of other races, much less advocate for them. It takes a special person to do so. It takes a person who has a deep compassion and love for all people, a person who is sensitive and caring for everyone, no matter their status in life, their circumstances of birth, their political persuasion, and their past or future promise. It takes a person without any prejudices whatsoever. It takes a person that cares more for the well being of others more than he does for himself.

I have the honor of knowing such an individual. This person works everyday for the rights and well being of others. He works without pay. He has given up his comfort and a life of leisure for others. He uses the little money that people donate to him to travel and advocate for people that need his help. He tries his best to help them no matter what the color of their skin. More often than not, the people he helps the most are of a different race. He advocates for our brave, often maligned and misunderstood Southern ancestors. He seeks to right the wrongs that our federal schools heap upon our Southern children.

He has marched thousands of miles carrying the Confederate Battle flag in the face of jeering bystanders. He has stood up for the beliefs that you and I share with him. He has been assaulted, hit and kicked, while most of us were safe in our homes watching TV with our families.

This person is H.K. Edgerton. He is our foremost modern day black Confederate and Southern Heritage hero. He is a hero to thousands and thousands of school children and Southern Heritage advocates. He has changed the lives and beliefs of many, black and white. I believe he is a man ahead of his time. He is a man who will be remembered in history as one of the greatest civil rights activists of our generation. He is a civil rights worker who sacrificed his own well being, not for money, not for power, but for the rights and well being of others.

Southern Heritage does not have a greater or more dedicated ambassador than H.K. Edgerton.

To those of you who would like to make a tax deductible contribution to a non- profit organization and support H.K. Edgerton now, please make your checks payable to: Southern Heritage 411 and send it to:

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