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Your Response Needed

From: PoP The Southern American []
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brother HK,

I have you sit-up to respond to the below SWR Forum post:

Bro. HK's Knox report

God bless ya!

Brother PoP


I know many of you are fond and even a bit giddy over H.K. and his appearances. I can tell by your post. I haven't responded on this topic till now, and only do so because I feel compelled to warn you.

If you choose to invite H.K. to events and he is able and willing to provide a favorable impact, then do so for that reason and I hope it always works out for the betterment of your area and Cause.

However, I would caution each of you to be guarded in your dealings with H.K. Without going into detail, understand that things and people are not always what they appear...and should be kept at an arms distance.



From: HK Edgerton []
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008
To: 'PoP The Southern American'

Dear POP,

The message below is the same subliminal message that those persons who for whatever reasons they choose not to like me always bring forth. I choose now not to waste my time responding to their foolishness. My mom told me that no matter what you do son, everybody will not like you. I shall let my deeds speak for themselves, and they can continue to try and destroy me with their hate. When the day is done, no matter where Iíve been or what Iíve done, I bet that the Honorable Generals Robert E. Lee and General Stephen D. Lee will look down from heaven and say, ďgood job soldier!ď

Just like David when he faced Goliath, I do all that I can with the very little that I have and am very grateful for organizations like Dixie Outfitters, the Southern Legal Resource Center, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, The United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Order of the Confederate Rose, and yes even the League of the South and a band of individual citizens from my Southern and Northern family who always seem to show up with a great deal of generosity and kindness in my darkest times of need. So yes when you invite me, be prepared for a man who is going to give everything in his being to aid my Southern family and our homeland, and you better believe that Iím going to leave with my head held high, and you can take this message to the bank.

I am no longer surprised by those who should champion ones efforts as they fight for them and they saw the limb from right under you. I have learned. May God bless them and cure whatever pain they may feel, but I shall not be deterred by their snipping. I still have a lot to learn about human behavior, but my Southland is in trouble and I must take the lessons as I go and try to pass out as much love even to those who stand against me; my mom told me more than once, that this is the only way. Sometimes I forget and lash out at my attackers, but I shall try hard not to. By the way Pop, thank you for all the kindness and support you have given to me. I could not get into the SWR to post this response and with your permission I shall also post it on my web page.

Your brother,