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The 145th Battle Of Chickamauga Event / An Open Letter

Donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier and carrying his glorious flag, along with the Honorable Dennis Beeton of Dixie Outfitters in Madison Heights, Virginia, my brother Terry Lee and several members of the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans, not to forget Ms. Julie Fulton of Dixie Outfitters of Odum, Georgia began a journey across the Commonwealth of Virginia on a March to the White House to deliver the same message to the Commander in Chief that was contained in a letter that I put in his hands after having to crawl out onto the railing of the second floor balcony in the Capitol building in Raleigh, North Carolina to deliver it. Only this time we would fall some 89 miles from the White House out of funds to continue onward. The memory of not being able to continue that journey has haunted me for a long time. However, my dear mother always told her children that God works in mysterious ways.

On September 6, 2008, the Walker County Messenger reported in an article that Vice President Dick Cheney will help kick off the 145th Battle of Chickamauga, a three day event thatís expect to draw thousands of spectators. There will be an opening ceremony on Friday, September 19th at 1:00 P.M. and a stage will be set up for Cheney to speak at the opening. This letter is attended as a request to those who have supported my endeavors in the past to please send me a donation so that I can attend this event.

1.  The Plaques that were removed from the Supreme Court Building in Austin, Texas
2.  The assault on Southern children in the Public School
3.  The use of the Federal Judiciary as the vanguard of Southern social and cultural genocide
4.  The use of the Federal Judiciary and Public School System to eradicate the ownership that Southern Blacks, past and present have for Southern symbols
5.  The Treaty of 1853 ( Honoring of Southern and Union soldiers and their symbols )
6.  Congressional Veneration of the Southern Cross
7.  Hollywood; Tell the story of the Loyalty, Honor and Dignity earned by Southern Blacks under their Flag.

HK Edgerton