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Diamone Mays / An Open Letter

Dear Carleton,

God bless you Sir. You are the only one to inquire about my inability to take little Diamone Mays to the National Sons of Confederate Veterans annual convention and to offer with help to do so, and believe me Sir , it makes me feel so good that you have done so. I wrote that letter hoping that someone would respond in kind and offer aid to me so that I could take this young 11 year old Black baby girl who stepped out of her shy demeanor and began to take in earnest the defense of the Southland and itís glorious symbols. Her mom told me that Diamone had purchased a gown with money that she had been saving for the last three years, and was looking forward in meeting the many people who had expressed so much admiration for the things that she had done .

I am sorry to report that the Convention is over and so many people missed the opportunity to meet this fine young lady. However, I am still in possession of her medal , flag and certificate from the Sons in Texas , and am looking for an opportunity to present them to her. Maybe I can have the Sons to do so in a ceremony at the Confederate monument in Asheville when all the clean up and repair are done to Miss Diamoneís satisfaction.

People seem to have no idea the tremendous burden and expense placed upon those of us who daily fight for the vindication of our homeland, and the many ways in which we fight to win the many battles we are always confronted with . Having said this, I would gladly accept on behalf of Diamone any donation , no matter great or small that you have the heart to give, and I give you my word that it will be used wisely, and I shall make you and Diamone proud. Please give my regards to my Texas family.

Your Brother,

HK Edgerton