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New Years Day - January 1, 2008

New Years day would find me spending most of the morning at the computer reporting on the final days of the March Across Dixie Re-Union March. However, as I headed home, I decided that it would be a great afternoon to fly the Chrisitian Cross of St.Andrew over the overpass of Interstate 40; especially it being New Years Day. As I stood on the bridge, I would be approached by a young White lady, who would ask if she could take a picture of me.Before she could leave, a young man who apparently was with her, approached and asked if he too could take a picture with me. He told me that he was a soldier and had just returned from Iraq. He said that as he and his lady approached the bridge from the freeway below; seeing the Battle Flag flying swelled his heart with as much pride as any day he had stood and saluted the Stars and Stripes in Iraq.He said that he and many soldiers from both sides of the Mason and Dixon had spoken of me often, but he never thought that he would one day get the opportunity to stand beside me and have his picture taken. I told him just how honored that I was to find myself standing beside one of Americas heroes, and I thanked him for his service to our country.Just as I decided to furl my flag, a car would drive up with Illinois tags on it, an elderly White man was driving, with an elderly White female on the passenger side. She leaned over and said to me;damn, I thought that they had stopped all the White Thrash from flying that piece of garbage down her, and I'll be damn if we don't come here for the holidays and find you, a Colored man of all things, standing out here in the freezing cold, flying that flag! Before I could say anything, her companion said; Honey, just leave it alone, he's just Southern.