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H.K.'s march thru SC and Toccoa, Ga


Sorry I had not sent this earlier, have had computer problems.

On Monday October 22, 2007, it was our intention to go to Dixie Outfitters in Travelers Rest, SC to march with him there, but our grandson was out of school and had it not been raining, we would have brought him with us, but since he had had bronchitis, we did not think being out in the rain would be good for him. So much to our dismay we could not be there.

On Tuesday October 23, 2007, we went to hwy 183 where the schedule said H.K. was to be. When he wasn’t there we went to Dixie Lumber Company and found him. Bo Jeans took Homer and H.K. to K-Mart where they began the march back to Dixie Lumber Company. (Bo’s wife had seen H.K. and called Bo about it.) While there the guys from Dixie Lumber came out for a picture. Dan Ellenburg, Lieutenant Commander, SCV, Pennsylvania Division stopped by. (Dan was in town because his mother was dying. See enclosed copy of Dan’s card and his mother’s obituary.) Also at Dixie Lumber was Jim Bay SCV, Pickens Chapter. (Jim is also a re enactor in both Civil war and Revolutionary war events. He is the one in overalls with the beard in the pictures.)

On Wednesday October 24, 2007, after a mixup in where to find H.K. we finally found him and Bo in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Central. We decided due to the rain to drive to the old Winn Dixie Parking lot to begin there. Larry Oberstar of Pickens Chapter met us there and marched with H.K. and Homer up hwy. 93 through Clemson. At the entrance to student housing a young black girl who said she had seen H.K. in Easley, stopped for a picture on her cell phone and a hug. (There is a picture of them and the little black car, but I was too far away to get a better picture.) I had to stop where there was a big enough place to pull over safely. There is a picture of them in front of The President of Clemson University’s big white house. Then on to the cannons in Front of Tillman Hall. Hard to find a parking place. I stopped in the middle of the road. The police came by, slowed, waved and went on. Bo took more pictures as they went through town, but I went to the end and took several pictures at the intersection of hwy. 123. Then we took H.K. and Larry back to Winn Dixie parking lot. Judi note: We told H.K. that as long as we were with him, we absolutely dared the police to say a word. They know both of us and we have dealt with them before. They did not even stop. They slowed and waved but that is all.

On Thursday October 25, 2007, we met H.K. at Bountiful Harvest in Bountyland outside of Seneca, SC. After breakfast, Mike Heath showed H.K. where to park his car in Walhalla, then brought him back to Kroeger Marine to begin the march into Walhalla, SC. The fog burned off and it was a nice march. H.K. and Homer were joined by Janet Albertson, and a member of Palmetto Sharpshooters of Anderson. They were joined by a reporter from the Daily Journal/Messenger from Seneca who walked a good way with them, but due to his boss’s Yankee allegiance was unable to print much of what he learned. The people in McDonalds across the dual lane came out to wave and blow. At the edge of Walhalla, the group crossed over to Burger King for pictures and good wishes from the girls there. On into Walhalla where a large group including Nick Gambrell of the Oconee Heritage Center and the staff of what is fondly known as “the redneck store” joined the marchers for several pictures. On to the monument, where a reporter from the Keowee Courier joined them. We thought he would give us a good write up but once again we got only a picture with a short caption under it. From there we went by car to Westminster to the Confederate Monument there. Mary Beth from the Westminster News and Ray Chandler, Independent writer, and many of the Rebels in Grey and Orrs Rifles, SCV chapters met for a meet and greet and then many of them went to Yousef’s Restaurant for lunch with the group. Both Mary Beth and Ray wrote longer articles than the others but neither was great. (Copies of all the articles are enclosed.) The group of about 20 people had a good lunch and there is a picture of H.K. with Yousef, as well as pictures of the group eating.

On Friday October 26, 2007, H.K. met us at Ace Hardware on hwy 123 in Clemson and followed us to Toccoa, Georgia. There was no one at the bridge where we were supposed to meet the Georgia group so we went on into town, and left H.K.’s car at the station at the corner of 123, and Big A. road in Toccoa. Back to the bridge where the Currahee Cadets, (5-6 young men from 8-12 years two with flags, one with a gun), one other man and Homer joined H.K. to march into Toccoa. There was a sheriff’s car in front of and one behind to the city limits, and then Toccoa city police took over. I stayed ahead of them (there was a back up behind them I did not want to get caught in) and took pictures of them coming toward me.

The man from the “Truth” rode his scooter most of the way with them. His photographer took a video of most of the march and lots of stills. At City Hall, two adorable little girls in long dresses and straw hats who are also Currahee Cadets joined the group, and all joined H.K. for pictures and a T.V. interview with a rousing rendition of Dixie. All went into City Hall to City Council Chambers for a welcome and speech by the deputy mayor, H.K., the head adult of the Currahee Cadets, and several others. There are several sorta dark pictures made in Council Chambers. From there most of the group went to Quincy’s where we had an excellent lunch. Many from the Currahee Rangers and their families also joined us there. H.K. gave each of the boys an autographed copy of “The Uncivil War”. They were a tired, but happy bunch of the cutest youngsters you ever saw. They talked to H.K. all the way, and one told us they got more out of that walk than a month of school. As we were going out a man came up to H.K. to ask for a copy of “the Uncivil War” and as we left H.K. was getting it for him.

We could not go further with the march because we have animals to feed and care for and work to do of our own.

Enclosed is a C.D. of the pictures I made. Copies of the newspaper articles, etc.. I handed out press releases, the Candice Hardwick story and talked with all of the reporters except the one who walked with them in Seneca.

We wish H.K. and Terry Lee all the best in their endeavor.

As I write this, Homer is working on our trailer for the float for the parades in Walhalla Dec. 1, Salem Dec. 2, Fair Play Dec. 8 and Westminster Dec. 9. The Pickens parade we were in last year is also on Dec. 9. We will have 2 floats, one with the women and children on it sitting around the fire (painted on the back board of the trailer) playing and crocheting, reading the Bible etc. On the back of our backboard it says, “Merry Christmas from Rebel Rose, Order of the Confederate Rose” The men’s float will have a fire with soldiers sitting around it, and the Currahee Cadets and others marching behind it.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi and Homer Price
Clemson, SC