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An Open Letter / The Presidential Debate / You Tube

As I anxiously await returning to the arena of the March Across Dixie 5 year Re-Union; I am amazed at the reporting of the Presidential debates. One young Black man from CNN describe the Republican Party's inability to attract the Southern Black vote on the Federal Governments response to the Huricane so named Katrina. Not even close. The problem for the Republican Party is that it cannot sake the residual effects of the so called period of Negroe Rule that took place in the Southland of America from the period of 1865 to 1877, and with it's continued clinging to the myth of Abraham Lincoln being a friend to the Black,and forgetting the total abandonment of those Africans they used against Southern White folks. Consequently with the deal that was made with the Honorable Wade Hampton to secure the election of Rutherford B.Hayes, in essence ending the Negroe Rule and military occcupation, that also marked the end of the trusting and loving relations between far too many people who had called themselves family and friend.

I have to constantly remind this Republican Party, that it is not the Radical Party of Lincoln, and should disassociate itself from that assumption. However, when you have candidates like Rudy who can stick in the face of Southerners that the North came to the South to free the slaves, and intillegent Black folks know that is a lie, yet they look around and see that the majority of the Southern White voting population is voting for Rudy. When John McCain can lead the charge against allowing the Confedrate Flag's presence in the National Park, yet can come right into Charleston, S.C. and be embraced by some of it's most influential home grown citizens; Black folks look around, and remember the scalawags that climbed into bed with the carpetbaggers, and at gunpoint, many of them forced to give their new found vote to keep the Republican Party in power.

There is a lesson to be learned here. There is an opportunity for the Republican Party to lead this Nation and it's Party into a reconcilliation that has only been tried to be forged at gun point and false history using every means of the print and spoken medium to aid in the teaching of lies about an honorable people who would lead the entire world into a uncomparable renaissance in the history of mankind, regardless of the fact that one was called Master, and the other slave. It is my hopes that I can seek out a more meaningful apology than the farce that the Virgina politicians issued asking for the forgiveness of slavery. I would ask for an apology for the African people for the criminal things that was done to the Southern White and argurably to their own kind by those Blacks who climbed into the bed with the very man who raped, murdered, robbed and stole his way to victory and continued with the subjugation of the Southern people, and who now with this gained power over us continues to force and inculcate into the thinking processes of our children a rembrance of our ancestors in shame.