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Thanks / An Open Letter

From: H.K. Edgerton []
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 9:44 AM
To: ''

Dear Joe,

I am so very glad that you and the men of Florida are given special attention to little Katelyn Skillas. I only wish that Terry Lee and I could be at your September meeting to give her a big hug for making an honorable stand in Dixie Land. The ban of our glorious flag by Eutis High School, or any school in the South is unconscionable. However , those people of the North knew when they established the public school in the South, that a unified consciousness could only be bred for any length of time by schools and education , no matter how distorted that education might be. If it had not been done, then the people of this nation would have been more sympathetic to the Southern Cause , and quiet frankly, no matter their race or national origin, would have come to the conclusion as the Kennedy brothers have deemed in their books ; the South was Right !

We here in the South now face the 11th hour as social and cultural genocide has over taken us. The forced education upon our children cannot overcome the urge of that of the likes of an Amanda Harkey of South Carolina , a Candice Hardwick of South Carolina, an Amiee Robinson of Tennessee, a Anna and Joseph Warnke of Georgia, a T.K.Owens of Tennessee, a Bryce Archambo of Missouri , a Justice Michael Williams of Missouri, a Jacqueline Duty of Kentucky, my babies of Hayes County High School in Texas and certainly not Katelyn Skillas of the great state of Florida to make their glorious stands. They are modern day Southern heroes whose resistance is the resurrection of our Constitutional values ; it is present in their blood , and we all who call ourselves Southern ought to stand with them with all our resources , both fiscal and humane. The constant besmirching of our Southern symbols , our ancestors , and the constant dragging of the great men and women who made an honorable and heroic stand here in our homeland against an invader whose greed led him to our land ; and now to help justify his crimes , he uses the systematic exclusion of those Black heroes, whether they be slave or freedman , soldier or field hand who stood by his Southern family as a part of his modus operandi , and we as knowledgeable Southerners don't know whether to be amazed about the agility of the tongues of the Northern revisionist historians or the virtuosity of their lying.

It is no denying of the economic institution of slavery that existed here in the South . However, here we became a people with a common interest and a common cultural foundation engulfed in Christian principles as a family all headed to greatness for human kind , had we been left alone. Thanks to our Yankee invader who burned , raped , pillaged and robbed us into submission , and with their public school system , most of our children have no political memory of their ancestors greatness, or it has been erased by the course of time , especially for those young Black children whose ancestors earned a place of honor and dignity alongside that man he not only called Master, but also family and friend. Yes Joe , please stand beside little Katelyn for all of us who call ourselves not only Southern, but also American.

Your Brother,