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Dear Brother Chad,

I believe everything is possible in this re-union since we will be only marching at 5 mile intervals. It will all depend upon securing resources for Terry Lee and I to move about and secure lodging. We may have to back track to some places to facilitate the four day interval of coming into Logansport. I think it would be great to come into Logansport in their parade on the 8th of December.

I had hoped to speak to the State Commanders of the sons in Mobile to solicit their support for our Re-Union . However, Terry Lee and I did not arrive until Saturday in time for the burial. I shall also pass this email along to Commander Sullivan in hopes that he will help us solicit support from the State Commanders of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. So far only Texas and Louisiana have weighed in.

These are the cities we hope to revisit so far that will take us on the same route we initially made our way through, again it will all depend on the support we can garner :

In North Carolina: Hendersonville (stopping at the old courthouse on main)

In South Carolina: Travelers Rest (stopping at Dixie Outpost), Easley (stopping at Dixie Lumber Company), Clemson Hwy 123, Walhalla (stopping at the Confederate Cannon/Monument),

In Georgia: Toccoa Hwy 123 (stopping at the City Building where we received the key to the City), Gainesville, Cummings (stopping downtown), Roswell (stopping at the Roosevelt Home and train station), Atlanta (stopping at the Capitol grounds), Newnan (stopping at the train station where the first Confederate flag was flown), LaGrange (stopping for a radio interview),

In Alabama: Stopping in Opelika for a newspaper interview and on into downtown Auburn, Tuskegee (stopping for a television and a variety of interviews; finally stopping at the Church and schoolhouse of Booker T. Washington), Montgomery, (stopping at the Capitol, Ebenezer Baptist Church and finally at the Southern Poverty Law Center), Selma (crossing the Edmund Petus Bridge, Demopolis (stopping at downtown on Hwy. 80), The John Essex School on Hwy 80 near the Alabama line near Cuba,

In Mississippi: (stopping in Meridian at the home site of Dixie Oil magnate, seventh Street, and various other locations), Vicksburg (stopping at the War Between the States Battlefield),

In Louisiana: Brief stops at the border of Louisiana and Mississippi hoping to cross the bridge, brief stops in Tallulah, Waverly, Delhi, Dunn, and downtown Rayville for the singing of Dixie, onto Monroe, stopping at downtown Ruston, on down Highway 80 and White Road parallel to Grambling , on December 1 stop for a March in the Coushatta Christmas Parade, on December 3, stop in downtown Minden, December 4th stop in Bossier City, December 5 stop in Shreveport on Elvis Presley Blvd., December 6th Gloster, December 7th in Mansfield, and on December 8th March in the Logansport Christmas Parade now on Highway 84 where we will stop for a Memorial to Reverend Greer at the Waterwheel Business near Joaquin and Tenaha on December 10, stop in Rusk December 11th, onto Palestine downtown on December 12th, onto the Courthouse in Corsicana on December 13th, onto Hearne on December 14th, have at it other places and then return to Elgin and on in to Austin after that.

Any engagements on these routes can be planned. I would hope that we could began raising funds to pin all this down. The Van donated by Pat Baughman could now use about $800.00 in servicing to ready for the journey, the cost of gas and other expenses have not yet been determined. I have already began preparing my body for the journey home to Austin. Thanks for all the help.
Your Brother,

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From: Chad Weldon []
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007
Subject: FW: H. K.

Its up to you my friend. I have a possible hit for Historic Tyler Tx. Come of Camp Ford, and A Civil War Arsenal.


Subject: H. K. Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007

I was at the Logansport, LA camp meeting tonight. Members were enthused about H. K.'s arrival. They may have a conflict of interest on Dec. 1.

A Christmas parade in Coushatta, LA is always the first Saturday in Dec. They suggested that maybe H. K. could march in the parade with them. The second Saturday in December will be the Christmas parade in Logansport. The Commander of the Beard camp in Logansport is Porter Dowling. He said he would be glad to meet with you when you came down.

His phone number is 318-697-4514. Also, there were representatives from the Richard Taylor camp in Shreveport. I believe the response will be good. Anyway I can help, let me know.
Tommy Holmes