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Taking a Look at the comments of Bill Cosby

Dear Ms. Deborah,

There are a lot of Black people out there who feel the very same way as Bill Cosby. Illegal immigration and the advent of Integration totally disenfranchised the Black community . It was a community who had again rolled up it's sleeves with its' White community family in lieu of the residual effects of so called Reconstruction and Jim Crowe ; one where Black men learned from and were financed by White men on just how to do business and were successful. There were Black Banks, Insurance Companies, Hardware Stores, Pharmacies, Hotels, Mortgage and Real estate Companies. There were incorruptible Ministers who looked out for the people of the community and their children , and communities who looked out for and disciplined the children. One must understand that integration took away yes sir , no sir , thank you mam please from our children's culture. Sparing the rod became the rule of the day as the State became more involved in the raising of our children, especially since they controlled the welfare system that made it far too easy for our young women to set up house keeping with very little knowledge to take care of themselves, let alone the babies they bore frequently. Our old people no longer stayed in the homes of their grandchildren, or nieces or nephews , in far too many instances where the government had seized their homes through taxation , condemnation and so called urbanization processes, and if these elder family members didn't at least have some kind of assets to bring to the table , off they went to senior citizen complexes where their young family members would have to get out at certain hours and certainly could not remain for the night. No more was the discipline at the house; take off your school clothes , do your chores , study, go to bed at a reasonable time before your mom or dad gets home ; grandma was gone, and the television that plays girls gone wild had become the surrogate parent.

Affirmative Action certainly didn't help matters either for those young Black men who with limited formal education began to set up successful small business companies, and soon found themselves in stiff competition with every ethnic minority including white women who the Federal government deemed under it's 8a designation to be classified a minority. Far too many Black teachers and Administrators were fired or let go because someone deemed their formal education as one often from a Black institution to be inferior . These were people who understood the black children who were now forced into hostile environments ,and they rebelled when it was not in their best interest to do so , because they saw, thanks to the Federal government all the way back to it's Reconstruction modus operandi , hate for them in every corner.

Many of these young male babies who bore these children knew what it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. The young woman was better off if he just disappeared out of the woman's life ; she could get , food, clothing, medical, and housing from the government under a welfare system ; something he could not provide for a young woman who he truly wanted to love as well as his child, but something that he could never provide with his limited education, and something that he must now do, because if he did not, then the same government would send him to prison. Then came the drug lords from the North, flashing what seemed to this young man, plenty of money. In his poor unsuspecting heart, he now sees a way that he can provide for this young woman and now his children ; knowing the outcome if he gets caught; but he has suffered the indignation of families on both sides for not stepping up to the plate to take care of his children, because after all it was all his fault that the young girl became pregnant in the first place. Never mind the seduction he faced from the girl because of the clothes that she wears , and the promiscuity that she encourages because after all her PHD comes from a baby that had her.It is far to easy to tell a people to pull themselves up by their boot straps, than to look at the things that took away the boots . Many of the very things that face the black community here in the South feel are the same for many white families also. We face a National body that cares little for our region or social values encompassed within. We face an era of illegal immigration , and migration of a people whose social and cultural values are way to the left of our own; when you take our God out of our living places, our symbols , our heritage and honorable ancestors ; and commence to replace them with new slaves, gangs, drugs, and the enemies of our fathers; you have a prescription for failure. I agree with Bill that there is a mirror on the wall, and it is one that we should all take a very close look in.

Your Brother,