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Dear Mr.. Demastus,

Would you please post this for me ? One can get so tied up in their day to day activities that you can tend to forget to stop and thank all those who give of their fiscal and humane support for the things you do with the assumption that they do understand that you are thankful. I am guilty . Had it not been for the charity of the people that I serve , I would not have been able to stay in this fight for the vindication for my homeland, and her honorable people for these many years. Thereby, I want to first thank you so very much for the support that you have given to me , and all the wonderful people of the Southland, to include many from all over this nation who have given of their time, money and love to me . My frustrations over raising funds have never been for myself ; only for the cause in which I am committed ,and anyone who thinks that it does not take money to fight ; only have to take a look at the threats issued by opposing attorneys to sue you if you move forward with suits against those who would terrorize my babies who make honorable stands in the public schools they attend , and you can believe that I don't relish the idea of turning tail and running. However, if you don't have the resources to fight bluffing want get it. I am at my saddest when my babies ask me to come and stand by them , and there is no gas for the car , or the tires are bald , and yet those people who let it be known that they hate all things Southern can come amongst us and raise huge sums to further their agendas ( Rudy, John M., Barrack, John E., Hillary ) , and I have to vacillate to my babies who reach out for my presence because I cannot come because the funds are not there.

Anyone who thinks that it is easy to walk 20 miles a day, 6 days a week , or even safe; come on . I do it because I have to do something to raise those funds needed to help my Southern family , and educate those who know nothing about the honorable people of my homeland. I will not apologize for asking for that help and I am thoroughly put back at that those who have so much and claim that they are Southern would rather help a burning dog and not give to those who fight daily the honorable fight to vindicate an honorable people. God bless you Sir and may God Bless Dixie.

Your Brother,
H.K. Edgerton