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An Open Report

On Monday July 10, 2007, Terry Lee and I would join 3rd Brigade Commander Harry Hurst in the beautiful City of Westminster , South Carolina at the Camp meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Rebel Grey Camp 2710 . Commander Hurst would lecture on the Confederate Navy. After hearing him tell of how the Federal Union Navy disregarded and broke the territorial laws of Brazil as a neutral nation when the CSS Florida would find itself docked in a Brazilian Port at the same time as a Union vessel. Both Commanders were ordered not to commit any actions upon each other because of the Neutrality of Brazil. The next morning would find the USS Florida being put into tow by the Union ship. It was later rammed and sunk. Brazil tried to save the ship , but it was too late. This action is simply a further defining moment of the dishonor of those men who fought their brothers in the War Between the States.

Terry Lee and I would again be honored by the Sons as we were made Associate Honorary Members of the Camp , and once again find ourselves besieged in an evening of love from all in attendance.