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The Annual FreeHill Homecoming / Another Lost Opportunity

On Friday June 29, 2007, I would speak to Mr...Ralph Richardson, President of the Friends of Free Hill Community Board of Directors. Free Hill is a unique rural Black community made up primarily of the descendants of slaves which settled on the hill well before the War Between the States. Free Hill is located 5 miles northeast of the City of Celina in Clay County, Tennessee . It is also the home of one of the famous and one of only the thirty remaining Rosendale Schools of 354 built primarily for the education of Blacks, through the joint efforts of Julius Rosenwald of Sears and Roebucks, and Booker T.Washington of the Tuskegee Institute. The Free Hill Community in in the process of restoring the 70 + year old school building and developing community park . The community was awarded a grant from the USDA Rural Development Agency to establish the park at the school location. It has become desirous with the Free Hill community and those they partner with that this site needs to be one that preserves African American Heritage, one that is uniquely entwined with his White brothers. I have been asked by Mr.. Richardson, if Terry Lee and I could attend the Annual Free Hill Homecoming events of July 7th and 8th , 2007; speak with the many citizens who inquire of my mission and of a story never told of the place of honor and dignity earned by a man called slave alongside a man he called not only master, but family. We were also asked to participate in August of 08 an event in Freewill in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute, details that will be provided at a later date.

Terry Lee and I feel that this is an excellent opportunity for all of us within the southern movement to bring the table of brotherhood to the ancestors of the African people who have reached out to those of us who steadfastly defend the place of honor that they and their ancestors earned under our Southern Cross for knowledge not told by Hollywood, nor academicians of the public school system, nor the many press who will gather on their grounds. As per usual, there are no funds available to meet this important endeavor that has been laid upon my door. I can only ask that those of you who have the vision to understand this important request. Please send a donation to this important undertaking immediately !, or
H.K.Edgerton, 71 buffalo Street, Asheville, N.C. 28806, or H.K.Edgerton, 5 Jane Street, Asheville, N.C. 28801