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An Open Letter / Bravery / Thanks

Dear Katelynn,

I have racked my mind in search of the proper words that would express first of all my deepest regrets for all the trouble and pure madness that you have had to endure for being in the ranks of the bravest women in the entire world ; a Southern woman. You can rest assure that no matter the outcome of this debacle, that your name shall always be inscribed in my heart alongside that of Amanda Harkey of Greenville, South Carolina, Amiee Robinson of Blount County, Tennessee, Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina , Anna Warnke of Cummings, Georgia , and my brave baby girl Emily of Murfreesboro, Tennessee who just recently led a victory charge in maintaining the name of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest's to remain on the ROTC building on the beautiful campus of Middle Tennessee University, and so many others that would cover this whole page.

Please do not let the color of the skin of Ms. Daniel Arnold prejudice your thinking processes, or let the criminal behavior that she displayed towards you, lead you to believe that all the African people of the South agree with her actions. Schools just like your Eutis High were established along with the Freedmen's Bureau in 1865 right after the War Between the States to developed a plan of action to divide and separate White and Black Southerners , and further to inculcate into the thinking process only memories of shame of their ancestors who stood in defense of their homeland that had been invaded . Through this modus operandi Black folks have been stripped of all memories of the place of honor and dignity that they earned alongside that man, your grandpa in lieu of the economic institution of slavery that the whole world participated in , and one that would not have thrived had it not been for the ultimate greed of inhumane African Chieftains. We live in a society that is now facing the continued policy of the carpetbag rule ; folks have come again amongst us to strip us of all that they did not steal during the period of so called Reconstruction. It is too bad that the African people of the South don't fully understand that they are being used once again to move forward an agenda that means them no good, or that the Southern white man is the only one who ever cared about their well being. My mom always told me to remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The White men of the South knew that the White man of the North never meant the African any good; he was only used in his so called freedom to help them to remain in power after that great war. I can assure you that your Principal, Mr.. Al Larry probably knows about the Abomination Acts, the Morrill Act, the Homestead Acts, Carpetbag Rule, Sherman's criminal and destructive march through our Southland as he carried out the total warfare policies upon innocent men, women and children, both red, yellow , black and white. I can also assure you baby girl that if Eutis High School would allow the side of the South to be put on the table and let the chips fall where they may; Ms. Danielle Arnold would beg for you to accept her apology for her actions.

Again dear Kate Lynn, please don't just blame Black folks for what you now face. As a former NAACP Chapter President, I sat in the meetings that discuss the empty coffers of the fledging organization that was an icon in the Black community as it tried to fight honorably for social vertical mobility for the African people ; only to be told by the prominent White men who sat on her Board of Directors and the Northern corporations who donated funds ; we are tired of sending our children to those Southern schools and having them listen to the playing of Dixie, and we are tired of sending our people to work in the South and having to look at that Flag; we will fill your coffers, but in exchange, you must do something that we cannot; get rid of that flag , all you have to do is to mention slavery , and remind the Blacks of the turbulent Civil Rights era, and you can do it. The poverty pimps got new shoes, cars , and fat bank accounts; the people only renewed old hatreds that set them apart as they climbed once again into the bed with a man who hated his brother, and had come with his new slaves to lay claim on all that he had gotten, especially the honor he had not gotten, in lieu of the war crimes that led him to victory over an honorable people.

Please continue to hold your head high, and I shall try with every ounce of strength in me to help you.

Your Brother,
HK Edgerton