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An Open Letter / Hate / Compensation

Hate is the ultimate rascal that divides us; it walks within and it walks without.It is no secret that the vicissitude of far too many Africans during the period of so called Reconstruction led men like the Honorable General Gordon to remark that the actions of the African against Southern Whites during the period of so called Reconstruction were so vile , that the love, trust and respect that they had found for each other may never be again. However one should never misjudge the degree of the loyal ; those who through their actions have gained your confidence , your trust, and self assurance that when the chips fall, they will be standing with you because they are Southern. Southern means that one sits in line in the body politic of this nation to be compensated for historical wrongs in fiscal reward , to include historical depiction of Southern morality in a more truthful light.

This nation for far too long has painted a picture of the Southern White Man as one who reeks of greed, hatred, racist , and rebellious to national policy, and furthermore that the Africans who inhabitant the Southern domain as lazy shiftless, and only good to use as pawns against the Southern White man; this was easy because he had already been found guilty as the author of the world wide practice of the economic institution of slavery, and any ills associated with it. This reconstruction modus operandi of dividing Southern Whites from Southern Blacks has not changed. We are suppose to turn our backs on the very symbols that made us family during a time when the whole world participated in the economic institution of slavery ; when the essence of the the truth was that even as Southern Slaves, we lived far better than most of the so called free world , to include many in the North land of our very own nation. The time has come to stand up and say these things. We cannot forget the honor earned by Levi Carnine , Holt Collier , Reverend Mack Lee , Horace King(the Confederate Bridge Builder ) or the forty two who look like me that Terry Lee sings about in the SCV song who like Napoleon Nelson rode with the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forest in defense of their homeland ; the Southland of America.

If one accurately searches for the truth, he will find that the White man of the South was the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, General Stonewall Jackson , or the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest ; tenacious in worldly battle, yet so ensheathed with the grace of Jesus Christ and his teachings that they would lead a nation and world through some of mans darkness times; now only to find themselves and the man he partnered with,( though that man he called slave ) to lead the world into renaissance, pitted again against each other , as those who fought their fathers have come again to lay claim on the honor that was not gotten .