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Victorian Fair An Open Letter

Dear Commander Todd,

It is with great appreciation that Terry Lee and I express to the M'boro Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 33 for the gracious invitation to participate in the Historical re-enactment of the Honor General Nathan Bedford Forrest's capture of the City of Murfreesboro and the freeing of her citizens from the Union army . In light of all the recent activities surrounding the proposed name change of Forrest Hall on the beautiful campus of Middle Tennessee University , the expressed threat of one Reverend Brooks that Terry Lee and I never show our faces in Murfreesboro again , and the eventual honorable decision by the students and staff not to change the name of Forest Hall ; made this event that much more memorable. It was most gratifying for several members of the United Colored Troops ( Houston and Gary ) to embrace Terry Lee and I at the event, and also express their pride and support of our efforts to present the real history of our African people and their honor earned in the defense our homeland ; the Southland of America. We were most gratified at the tremendous ovation given by the many participants who visited our table to obtain the historical documentation tapes of the journey that the Edgerton family has had in this fight to help vindicate our Southern family, as well as the Southern apparel that also depicts that honor won and stolen by several African heroes , and of course the Un- Civil War by Mike Scruggs that we help introduced into Southern circles and is probably now the most sought after publication at these kinds of events. Our Dear Mother who is now in Heaven would be proud to know that her sons are at the forefront to bring the table of brotherhood forward to the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners as they seek not only vindication for their homeland, but also stolen honor from the Southern African and that White man that he called family. She would be even more prideful, because after all it was just down the road from Oakland's that her favorite Southern General ( the Honorable General Patrick R. Cleyburn) lost his life .

Your Brother,
HK Edgerton