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Sad News About Carey Johnston

Date: May 24, 2007

It was truly sad news for me to hear of the passing of Carey Lee Johnson, last evening, and it will be equally as bad for my little brother Terry Lee to hear this news; for he and I looked upon Carey Lee as one of our big hearted big brother's. I will never forget the day he stood alongside Terry Lee and I at the home of the Dixie Oil magnate at a brief ceremonial presentation, where Terry Lee and I were presented the Mississippi State Flag from the Sons that Carey Lee loved so dearly, as we crossed into the State on the Historic March Across Dixie.

While Carey Lee was not a member of the Twenty Mile Club ( any individual who marched twenty miles on the March Across Dixie and bears the signed Certificate stating the accomplishment.), I shall never forget the morning that this big hearted man who could barely walk , and in obvious tremendous pain ; stepped out on a back Mississippi road, and lumbered alongside me, and at my request proudly carrying the very first flag that I would carry in this fight for Southern vindication ; Third National Flag that had been presented to me by Mr.. Roger McCredie, the then National Heritage Defense Chair of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and current Administrator of the Southern Legal Resource Center . There would be a many mornings after that walk with Carey Lee, that my mind would say to me; HK, you've walked all the way to Mississippi, boy you are tired, you can't walk another twenty mile day,and then I would feel his courage, and see the determination in his eyes as he struggled to walk at least one mile for his Southern family that he loved and spoke of so eloquently; and Carey Lee Johnson walked that mile , and he like many more to come would serve as an inspiration for me to reach down inside and find another step. My only regret now is that I did not get the opportunity to fulfill his wish that I speak to his Camp. God bless Carey Lee Johnson , Heaven could not receive a better man , and God and General Lee will recognize him by the smile , and those big Confederate hands.