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Cleveland And White County Set Pace For SCV Pilot Program

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On Saturday, April 14th, a new program of community involvement was unveiled at Cleveland, Georgia.

With threatening storms all day, more than 500 people turned out throughout the day to celebrate the kick off program of the 150th anniversary of White County and Confederate History and Heritage Month.

The program, executed by the SCV in coordination with the White County Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Commissioners, the Mayor and City Council of Cleveland and the Sesquicentennial Commission, was a pilot program coordinated by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Public Relations and Media Committee under the theme of "Community Involvement is public relations".

A very ambitious program began at 9 AM and continued uninterrupted until 6 PM.There was no admission charge and parking at the 400 seat Universal Chevrolet Bluegrass Showplace was free.

Included were a Children's Story Hour, conducted by J. A. Davis and HK Edgerton, featuring a Confederate trivia contest, stories from Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus, and singing songs such a "Laughing Place" and Zippidy Do Dah, led by Mr. Edgerton

A Confederate Campsite was established from where Goober Peas were available all day.

More than 20 contestants appeared in the Rebel Yell Contest.

Chamber of Commerce and Cleveland Council members extended greetings and described future events to come in the celebration.

Stan Mc Daniel, Lt. Commander of the MOS&B, Georgia Society, spoke in tribute to the 200th birthday Robert E. Lee.

HK Edgerton, former president of the NAACP in Asheville, NC, spoke for almost an hour to a large crowd of eager and enthusiastic listeners.

The 1860's Civilian Society of Georgia, a high precision group of authentic dancers had the entire audience doing the reels of yesteryear.

One of the highlights of the day was the Battle of Cleveland, when a Yankee Patrol under the command of W. T. Sherman, attacked the Confederate camp. After almost an hour of combat, including cannon, the Yankees were thoroughly defeated and a few survivors were taken prisoner.

Georgia's own Peach Tones, a choral group appeared in an all Dixie concert.

One of the biggest attractions was the Little Miss Heritage Pageant, where four different age groups, starting at two, were judged . Almost three dozen little misses competed.

Greg Petitt, commander of Cam 1418, Cleveland, said "It was truly a zippidy Do Dah day. The rain held off until we finished. We are grateful for all the help we had from our neighbouring SCV camps,as well as the chamber, the city and the county."

J. A. Davis, Chairman
Public and Media Relations Committee
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Chaplain, Camp 1418, Cleveland, GA