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Allen Central High School

The tragedy at the school board meeting in Floyd County, Kentucky is that all the people who have a say in this discourse had no voice. Unfortunately the Black community did a lot of finger pointing at the Judaea /Christian White Folk Community in Floyd County, Kentucky, and forgot to look in the mirror, or just plain didn't know how to look. However, when you turn and point to the Southern Cross and make it the reference point of your misery ; while bringing in members of the Federal Government who supposedly are there to insure justice will be done; then you better ask yourselves why the Department of Civil Rights was not there asking why a seating Judge and a practicing Attorney of the Kentucky Bar, would solicit help from the local and national press to tell a fraudulent story that would place the Confederate Flag in odds with the Case Law of Tinker, by creating a planned disturbance in the community.

The Southern Black folk of Floyd County, Kentucky like all Southerners have been forced to accept a history that inculcates into their thinking process , distortions and out right lies that are designed to separate us. In Floyd County during so called Black History Month, you ask for a man to come and tell a different tale, of a symbol of an extraordinaire time when a man called slave, stood side by side a man that he not only called master, but also family, and who together had already faced remarkable challenges with prayers bound in Judaea/ Christian principals on their lips as they built the economies of Nations, while their very own became a target of political subjugation by the thieves who inhabited the Government meant to serve them ; and again who would stand side by side this man they called family, to repel this same man who had invaded their homeland; the Southland of America. Only to watch in horror as they were forcefully pitted against each other as the victor plundered and stole; and who comes once again amongst us with a history null and void of the exploits of that African who earned a place of honor and dignity under the Southern Cross; and who now with his new slaves ; a society he forges without our father who art in Heaven, yes sir , no sir , thank you mam please, gangs, drive by shootings, women kissing women, and men kissing men in the streets, property taxes, Lincoln's income tax; no, you ban this man from speaking and use as your excuse , a fear of an action that might be, because of a lie perpetrated by those who hate all things Southern, and who use their places of trusted positions in the community for means to accomplish their agenda of Southern social and cultural genocide , while the Federal Government turns a blind eye to their illegal and un-American course of actions.

There can be no table of brotherhood in the Southland of America, unless the Confederate Flag sits proudly displayed in the deserving honor due. There is much love to be found at that table, and for the African whose family called themselves Southern, much untold honor due. To my dear Black family of Floyd County, Kentucky , there is only one message and piece of advice to give; your problem is not the Southern White folk of Floyd County, you should be standing side by side with them, holding the Southern Flag as your ancestors once did , with your heads held high demanding the return of the place of honor earned in history stolen from a proud people as they forged forward for social vertical mobility in a land that help build.