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Thanks For The Very Kind Words Of Support

Dear Gerald,
God bless you Sir, and thanks for the very kind words of support. My creature comforts are so very low. All I have ever wanted to do was to respond to my Southern family, especially my babies when they call out for help. In so many instances they know that they are behind the eight ball, but when they see me coming; its the look in their eyes that tell a different story. I have said it many times; it reminds me of when as a kid, you would scrape your knee, and mom would kiss that wound. You couldn't tell me that it didn't feel better.

Whenever I receive one dime of help, whether its a Dixie OutFitter shirt sold, or a donation gave, I'm on my way right away to another battle pronto, and there are many all over the place. I ask of nothing for myself personally. I just want to help my Southern family anyway I can ; and I can tell you there is nothing I like better doing than picking up my flag and heading out to do just that.

My little brother has so much documentary film that we know would help the cause , especially with the access to cable television. I have leaned on him far too many times to foot the bill to play some of it on occasions like so called Black History Month , and believe me in the areas that he has shown it, the worm has turned in the favor of the South, especially right here in my home town of Asheville and Buncombe County. The last time he would forego paying his mortgage payments, and it became a battle for him to catch up again ; I just didn't have the heart to ask him to do it again. We have all the tools to not only civil rights fight , but to win. However getting support to do the things we know work will work has only drawn accusations like the many I have faced lately of being a money grubber, or the like. If they only knew. Right after my home was literally destroyed by hurricane Ivan, and I lost just about everything, even the publisher of the Asheville Citizen Times Newspaper donated to me 5 of his suits right from his closet, and five pairs of shoes as his paper beat up on me for the things I do for the Confederate cause, Ron Holland of the Dixie Daily News and Pat Baughman of Tennessee both gave me vehicles that I have killed running from Gettysburg through Colorado Springs to the deepest part of Mississippi for the cause ; so I don't want to seem ungrateful , but it is so hard when one has so very little resources to fight with, and has to turn to his family to fight, and when he asks , only to face the indignities of being told that he basically is a money grubbing scoundrel; it hurts. I have cried enough ; again I thank you for your kind consideration.

Your Brother,