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An Open Letter On Loyalty

As I read an email by a gentleman accusing me of being a money grubber, and who continued on to libel me further by stating that I had illegally removed funds, and bankrupted the NAACP Branch I once chaired; my first thought was to sue him for his scandalous statements. However, with this fair warning to him I shall try to move forward with better thoughts. If the people of the South cannot realized by now that they we are a dying breed caught up in a perpetual war that has not, and will not end, unless White and Black Southerners come together and first remove the myths and planned hostilities that set us against each other , while the common enemies of our fathers have again come amongst us with the same planned reconstruction modus operandi to divide and separate us while he enjoys not only the fruits of the stealing his father enjoyed after the war, but now all those things he can legislate and take that was left behind; and all those things he can give to the enemies of his and our fathers, as he benefits from the labor of his new slaves.

The Asheville/Hendersonville Tribune in probably one of , if not it's most important issues dated March 8 - 14, 2007 that clearly defines some of these aforementioned fact sets before me; reporting first on the Polishcuk family who just recently move from the Ukraine in Communist Russia, and along with the Asheville Board of Realtors and five Asheville Rotary Clubs will join forces with Ivan Nadezhda Polishchuk to build a Habitat for Humanity Home in the Enka Hills subdivision. The paper went on to report that this family that now lives in the Housing Authority Projects want to move because of the increase in drug problems, and they have a seven year old daughter who cannot spend much time outdoors due to the drug problem and frequent gun shots in the area. Never mind that right next door is a Black family whose mother once owned a home in a Jim Crowe neighborhood with enough land given to her family by a Confederate soldier, that she could have built homes for her seven children. Yet with the advent of integration, her land like that of her cousin had been seized through taxation, urbanization and condemnation procedures, or simply sold for just enough to feed her family for a couple of more months, because now all the jobs were taken up by someone called illegal who would works for wages and benefits far below any they would consider American, or that the family restaurant located in what was once considered the Black Historic District is now no more, and neither is the Black Historic district. However, Mr.. Polishchuk standing next to a paid interpreter with his wife and daughter, said that he had been blessed to be in America, and quoted from the new Testament to show his gratitude. I wonder what the Southern white folks two doors down who now live in this integrated neighborhood think when they hear the gun shots.

On page 17 of the paper was another article that read; Cherokees accused of racist plot as sons of slaves are cast out. In a plot to deny tribal revenue , which includes $22 billion dollars a year from casino takings for all US tribes- to those not deemed full-blood Cherokee, and to block them from taking a slice of the pie, members of the Cherokee Nation, the second largest Native American tribe voted by 77% to 23 in a special election to amend their constitution, and limit citizenship to those listed as Cherokee by blood. The move stripped tribal membership from freedmen- those descended from slaves, and Blacks who were married to Cherokees. The expulsion of descendants of slaves they once owned was made complete. The irony for me is that three weeks prior, I had walked into the office of the Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center, very upset because of the language of an Indian tribe that had just purchased a Star Bucks franchise while proclaiming that they did not now have to fight to reclaim their territories back ; they could simply buy them back with their new found resources in the gaming industry. I clearly pointed out to the Director that their were hundreds of thousands of Southern Blacks loyal to the South who if they were to share rightfully in these proceeds, it would not happen. He cautioned me against reparation, but stood stead fast in the resolve that those Blacks who could prove their ancestry to the Cherokees; they would rightfully share in those profits. Just like yes sir, no sir, yes mam please, darling, sugar, sweetheart, along with our father who art in Heaven, our children wearing the flag or image of our Southern soldier shall be met with fierce opposition; while it's ok for men to kiss men , and women to kiss women in the streets, and our children to say yea and whatever to our seniors, as we count 1,2,3 before we plead to them for exhibiting bad behavior, and our President can meet with folks who appear on the American Idol Program , but spurn a peace delegation from the South ; I wonder what he must think of that today, as one of the young lady contestants was offered a quarter of a million dollars to be one of the sluts on Girls Gone Wild; just because she took it all off while a contestant on that program.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another .........

I shall celebrate my mom's favorite General's 179th birthday on March 17, 2007, and I am reminded of the words that he spoke to his peers in an open letter; please do not let these folks come among us and take our African brother, we know him, and with his we can quickly bring this war to an end. It is too bad that some men like the one who found it so easy to outright libel my name, can't understand that there are a lot of men out there like Al Sharpton who would be better off and closer to the truth if they would do as their ancestors did, and give their loyalty to their homeland, the Southland of America.