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Black History Month In Florida with the Sparacino's, and Hurst Part II Ocala, Florida / Col. John Marshall Martin Camp #730

On Monday morning as Terry Lee and I prepared to depart Cross City , Florida, and say good bye to Joe; I found myself dressed in the uniform of the Southern Soldier, with Terry Lee and Joe armed to the teeth with their cameras, with all intent to have just one more photo -opt at the 10 Commandment Memorial. It turned out to be a family affair, as more and more of the local citizenry stopped us to talk, take pictures, or just plain want a signed copy of of that book by that fellow, Mike Scruggs , they kept hearing about . After hugging several Lady members of the City Council , and staff in City Hall, four retired School Teachers at the Carriage House Restaurant, and of course arming them with Mike Scruggs's, Un- Civil ; Terry Lee, Joe and I headed outside to say good bye ; some how or another, they jokingly insinuated that I had Yankee in me, and I promptly pulled my Battle Flag from the car and spent another 30 minutes on the side of the road while they sat and watched all the love I received from those who passed by.

Terry Lee and I would say good bye to Joe at the edge of Town, as we headed south to Ocala, Florida where 8th Brigade Commander Harry Hurst of the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans , and his lovely wife; Lady Karen would serve as our host in their beautiful home, as we prepared along with the Col. John Marshall Camp # 730 , and their Commander John Deakins of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to present to the greater Ocala community Black History Month; and I might add, I believed that we did. Video copies of the event in Ocala can be obtained at: