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A Request for a criminal and civil investigation


Dear Attorney General Smith,

This letter is intended as a request to your office to investigate the actions of a one Ned Pillersdorf , a volunteer basketball coach at a private school (David) in Floyd County, Kentucky , and all others that were complicit in actions to incite a volatile environment between the Black community , and the school populous of Allen Central High School, to include the members of the community there; by fabricating a planned fraudulent story , whose purpose was it appears to bring about a situation so spelled out in the Castorina Case that would lead to the removal of the Confederate Flag in the school environment at Allen Central. It was not enough that all the fabrications of the coach were found to be false; he and others continued their efforts to incite the Black community by claims that there was expected trouble in the community, so they banned the public from a basketball game.

I have also been seriously hampered from my abilities to build a newly formed company of which I am the President; Southern Heritage 411, because of this very matter. I was invited to speak at Allen Central during Black History Month to the students and staff there, only to be told on the day of my arrival that I had been banned by the school Superintendent of Floyd County. This supposedly ban has resulted in a loss of other speaking engagements, and places in jeopardy my ability to attract others for I cannot explain to other clientele the reasons for that ban. I have tried to explain to other clients that maybe the school officials and Superintendent felt that they might have to face criminal and civil procedures in these matters, and that my presence at Allen might represent a conflict. However, I cannot continue to speculate; my client base and myself need to know. On one hand I am made a Kentucky Colonel, and on the other I face a ban in the public school system there that affects my position in the company I serve.

In closing; it appears that the actions of this coach and possibly others by their gross misrepresentation of facts could have broken several U.S. laws as well as Kentucky Laws. I don't have to preach about Castorina, but the only disruption in these matters of either school was those by coach Pillersdorf and those who continue to employ him, and refuse to repudiate his actions. In fact there may be a conspiracy to deprive me of my civil right of free speech, which is clearly a federal violation. I humbly await your reply in these matters.

HK Edgerton
President Southern Heritage 411
Chairman Of The Board of Advisors Emeritus
Southern Legal resource center