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February 9 - Allen Central High School

On Friday morning February 9, 2007, as a part of Black History Month, I was to give a lecture to students of Allen Central High School in Floyd in County, Kentucky. Allen, ironically is the site where a hoax played out by a volunteer coach from an opposing team (David School , also from Floyd County) ; made a fraudulent claim that one of his players, who was Black had been taunted by the fans with the Confederate Battle Flag as he shot foul shots from the free throw line.

After having consultation with the Kentucky Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and it's Chief of Staff, and having reviewed the facts, and other related materials, compounded by the actions to lock out the media, and community at large from a basketball game to further behavior that could warrant criminal and civil actions against a one Mr.....Ned Pillersdorf, and others; I can only concur with the decision of Mr..... Paul Fanning, Superintendent of Floyd County School, for not allowing me to speak at Allen; if for no other reason, my affiliations with the Southern Legal Resource Center. Those fears are well justified, because this very morning, I have in conversation inquired of Chief Trial Counselor, Kirk D. Lyons, an opinion of my estimation that criminal and civil action is warrant in these matters. He awaits a statement of facts to render those thoughts.

HK Edgerton
Chairman Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
President Southern Heritage 411