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Federal Court Proceedings / Anderson County Tennessee An Open Report

After reading the Federal Court Ruling denying a preliminary injunction to Candice Hardwick in the Latta High School Case, and seeing the similarities in the Case of the Anderson County High School District in Federal Court in Knoxville, Tennessee ; I am afraid to ever be optimistic that the people of the Southland will attain justice in any Federal Circuit other than the 6th Circuit. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there is a bias against the display of Confederate symbols in our very own Federal Courts as the parameters set down in cases such as Castorina and even Tinker are pushed aside. Attorney Kirk D. Lyons so brilliantly laid out the case before the Court in Hardwick that there had been no disruption in the school because of her wearing of Confederate apparel. The broad stroke that these school administrators are now being given in their supposedly anticipation of disruption is merely only a guise to move forward the same Reconstruction modus operandi that continues to divide Southern Blacks and Whites, as the North continues its planned process of blaming the economic institution of slavery on the Christian White folks of the South ; while denying it's complicity, and the loyalty of those Africans, and their heroism in the army of the Southern soldier.

I sat in disgust in the Federal Court in Knoxville as the school administrators and their attorney tried to blame every incident they proclaimed to be racial on our Southern Cross, even though it was not even present on those occasions in which there seem to be trouble between students of White and non-White persuasion. The attorney for the school described an occasion when two young Black men entered their school from New Orleans after Katrina. They proclaimed that a Confederate Flag that bore the message Heritage not Hate was placed their to intimidate the two men; never concluding that just maybe these two men who came from a State that had such great Black Confederate heroes like Levi Carnine might have placed it there themselves, or that the message was not hateful, but factual. My disgust only mounted as I watched as they continued to use Black people as an excuse and tool to move their agenda forward to rid the environment of any vestige of the Southern Cross, or the place in history where that African earned a place of honor beside his Southern family.

I have spent most of my life fighting in the Civil Rights arena , and is my very own conclusion that if the Southern Blacks and for that matter the Southern Whites don't wake up and realize that those of this nation who do not like our culture, mores, and religious principals, and who seek to attain our lands, will stoop to anything to keep us apart. We as Black people have had systematically inculcated into our thinking processes via the public school system and media that the White folks of the South are our enemy, and that we should hate him and all things Southern; the irony is that none of the turbulence between us would continue if we would only seek out the historical truths that have kept us together as this nation is bent on keeping us apart. We as Blacks have been led to believe that there is no justice for us in the judiciary of this land; the irony is that the White man of the South(our family) has felt this same injustice since the Honorable Robert E. Lee signed the treaty at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. The events that are unfolding against our Southern Cross will only lead to another century of hate between our people as the table of brotherhood moves farther away. The love that was founded in those cotton fields of the South between that man who called himself master, and that man who was called slave had endured the test of time as every means to put it asunder has failed. However, if we don't wake up and realized that no matter how much we want to believe that the enemies of our ancestors mean us well ; what they do will only keep us apart. This does not mean that we should be or are unpatriotic; we have proved, and continue to prove that we are faithful to those ends as our children continue to carry the brunt of the load in our national armies. We just want to be left alone to honor our ancestors , and raise our children in a Judaea-Christian environment without girls gone wild. Our babies like Candice Hardwick, and Amanda Horkey in South Carolina, Brice and Justin in Missouri, Joseph and Anna Warnke of Georgia, Amiee Robinson and all the brave children of Maryville and Blount County, Tennessee, and my baby boy Tom Defoe who made his stand yesterday in the Federal Courthouse of Tennessee, along with a young Black Southern girl La Deidra Dukes from Mississippi deserve the right to see their Southern Flag worn , or flown without fear of intimidation from politically correct administrators who called themselves educators, and as we speak began to celebrate so called Black History Month without remembering the names of the Black men and women or their exploits in the defense of the Southland of America, and the partnership they forged together to build this nation, and the complicity they had in building the economies of the entire civilized world.

We must bring our resources to the table to institute a modus operandi of Heritage Offense; until we do so in the Court of Public Opinion , we shall watch in vain as our Constitutional Republic continues to fade away.