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An Open Letter To My Ms. Ellen And My Bigoted Friends

Dear Ms Ellen,
I am truly sorry that I have not lived up to your expectations . However, I am truly grateful for the generous donations that all my bigoted friends provided for me as well as from those others who truly appreciate the efforts that I tried to make on behalf of my Southern family this past year. I suppose some of you may be right in your estimation that I have done nothing of appreciable value to even warrant a presence in the fight for Southern Vindication, and should go and get a regular job and quit groveling for help to fight what I truly believe is an American tragedy. However, before you have me go; ask my my babies in Blount County Tennessee , ask my babies in Hayes County Texas, ask my babies all over Georgia , Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Missouri, and even as far as Iraq, who seem to think that just my mere presence would make a difference in the stand beside them that they make for their ancestral pride in lieu of the contradiction of democratic principals due.

When my baby girl Candice Hardwick from the great State of South Carolina calls, you tell her that you got tired of HK asking for money for gas, tires, food, clean clothes, paper pencils, and the list goes on. Tell he that HK must be poor, ragged, and walking to legitimize his Judaea-Christian efforts to right a wrong done to the Southern people . However, should you find grace to give me one more shot ; I'll go to Murfreesboro , Tennessee and help my babies there, I'll go to Preston, Kentucky and fight for my babies there, and if you can find it in your heart to go over to my web sight,, and donate a few dollars to my efforts, or just plain buy a piece of history , especially my favorite book by Mike Scruggs; then I'll show you some progress.

My Dear Ms Ellen, should you feel compelled, you could always be my Manager in a write in campaign for President; I would surely bring to the office the courage that is lacking to step in and heal this Nation, and that would began with paying the South all the payment due her; both fiscal and humane.
Your Brother,