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Candice Hardwick / An Open Report

On Wednesday, December 20, 2006, I would have the honor to accompany the infamous(Antidote) Attorney Kirk D. Lyons to Federal Court in Florence, South Carolina; where he would work his magic in behalf of Candice Hardwick; a young Latta High School Junior from Dillon, S.C.. Candice has faced persecution daily since middle school from the politically correct academic staffs assigned to monitor and guide her education process. All of this because she chose to honor the memory of her ancestors and the brave others who like them who fought in the army of the Southern Confederacy; she wore apparel that depicted the Southern Cross.

I had been in the Federal court room with Kirk D. in Austin, Texas, and shared in the random outburst of cheers from the spectators gathered who witnessed his brilliant dissertation in behalf of my Southern babies of Hayes County High School. Yet I remember how our hearts sank at the proclamation of the Judge that he didn't care about the law; it was his courtroom, and if Kirk D. thought he was going to allow him to sue the poor old under paid school; Superintendent, or any member of his school staff, he had another thought coming. He went on to say that these were his friends and former clients of his when he practiced law as an attorney.

I had been in Federal Court in Richmond, Virginia as Kirk D. argued for the seven men who had faced suspension from their jobs, and outright abuse of authority of supervisors of the DuPont Company. Their crime; the display of the Southern Cross on license plates, belt buckles, and a host of other paraphernalia depicting the likeness of the Southern Cross. I would cheer as all who had sat intently listening to Mr... Lyons as he battle back and forth against a cadre of lawyers who vast sums at their disposal to use against him. They would argue that the arguments of Mr... Lyons case were frivolous and without merit, and further sought a huge payment from Mr.. Lyons and his clients for bringing the case to court. The Judge would rule that the case had merits, and was not frivolous. However, he also ruled that Mr.. Lyons was setting precedent , and that according to the law, he could not force DuPont to shoulder the cost of that burden in his court, but Mr.. Lyons you can move forward in the body politic of the law.

I had been in Federal Court in Mobile, Alabama with Kirk D.; it was here that I began to view Kirk D. in yet another light. It was as if he were a sculptor, I could understand the master piece he had been to sculptor as he worked is his way through what I had become to view as the most hostile courts in America. I listened as the Judge there continued to pave the way for the day the tide would began to turn for those of us who called ourselves Southern, and dared to show that pride in the body politic of our nation.

It would not take long for the brilliance of Lyons and his team to bring forth a major victory for Southern heritage ; the method of his madness began to rise as the towel was thrown in by those who would persecute Jacqueline Duty; another brave Southern woman, who like Ms Hardwick would make her stand in Dixieland with the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons at her right hand. I would serve as an expert witness in this case , nut my claim to fame is the prediction that this case would never go to trial.

On this Wednesday morning, I could sense a glow about Kirk D.. It was if he had suddenly found some sense of peace. He was the proud papa of twin baby girls. I thought, that's good, but boy he needs a raise. He exclaimed to me, HK I'm ready. I feel good about this one, referring to Hardwick. I don't want to try to call the proceedings blow by blow. However, it is necessary to report that Mr.. Lyons held us all spell bound at the masterful presentation he laid before the court and the gracious and fair Judge who sat upon the bench in this Federal Court. Never mind the beautiful cake that Mr.. Lyons had baked , and the icing that little Candice , and Attorney Larry Salley placed upon it, you could here the sucking sound of defeat coming from the mouth of the defense attorney as he played the only card left on the table before him; the race card, and what a sad sight it was for him as Mr.. Lyons proved there was no merit to his claim that all the black children of the school and their parents and community were sensitive to the flag and fear of some confrontation was the motivation for his clients actions. I had walked across the great State of South Carolina on my way to Texas, and again I had made that March to join in as a color Bearer in the Hunley Funeral Procession, and again I had Marched along side the caisson of Senator Strom Thurmond confabulating all along the way with the citizens of the great State of South Carolina, and the one thing that had resonated to me from most of the Blacks citizens I met along the way was that more should be taught about those men and women of color who had earned that place of honor and dignity, and their exploits of doing so under the banner that I so proudly carried.

May God bless you all, and may you all have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and thanks for your help and kindness.

Your Brother,