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The Discovery Channels Presentation of The Road To Freedom

I watched this mornings supposedly historically accurate depiction of the road to freedom for Blacks in the South after the War Between The States. The sum total of its merits was; another Northern biased Reconstruction moment to divide Black and White folks in the South by not giving anything but biased information; and nothing was more incredible than the meal on the table for the now free black family. The turkey from Hollywood had to come from Jurassic park, as big as it was, and had a tan that Marilyn Monroe would have been envious of; rolls stacked at least 6" high and as big as grapefruit, literally a feast for a king, and the family look as prominent as any rich white family as they prepared to dine .

The documentary spoke of all the Black folk who ran out to meet and greet their new messiah and liberator Lincoln in the Capitol of Richmond, never once mentioning once what Lincoln must have been thinking, boy have I really pulled a fast one here. Now if I can figure out how to colonialism them all back to Africa. He and his cronies had already successfully purged Illinois and the New England States of their presence.

Then there was sharecropping; another time when Southern white folks had taken the advantage of the poor black man. Never once did they mention the devastation of the land, the murder of the farm animals, the devaluation of the money, now useless. Where was that supposedly free man going to live, and who was going to provide for his basic needs, and for that matter, who was going to provide for the needs of the same Southern white man he now looked to for help and answers. Sharecropping like Jim Crowe, a social ill force upon Southern folks, but a situation as bad as it was made to be in the body politic by the Northern victor; it was the love and understanding of each other that allowed Black and White folks of the South to overcome.

The documentary went on to espouse how wonderful the 14th Amendment was for Black folks and the country. Never once did they mention the dishonest legislative manipulations of the radical Republican Party of it's passage or the unconstitutional parts of it's whole.

The Discovery Channel would do itself proud by asking the History Channel for a little help in their productions historical truths, or at the very least, allow the South to present it's side of history to our populous as well.