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Telephone Messages And Calls / An Open Report

On Wednesday evening I would receive a telephone call from someone with a 615 area code, who required to speak to John Hayes. I told them that they had the wrong number; they further asked if this was not the President of the NAACP's number, John Hayes? I told the gentleman that I knew Mr...Hayes, but had no idea on how to reach him. Approximately one minute later I received another call from a man from the same 615 area code who identified himself as Rev.Brooks, who began by saying that he was returning the call that he had promised to me. Since I don't know Rev.Brooks or if this person even exists. I became suspicious of the motives of what appeared to be happening here. I told him that he should call back in five minutes. Not able to reach my Attorney or the Director of the SLRC for counsel at this late hour ; I decided to wait until morning before I responded to this or any call from the Murfreesboro area code.

This morning upon checking my voice mail; "the caller said that he knew that I was not going to answer when he called back and that this was an old trick. He proclaims that he only wants to get information on me so that he can discuss me at a Ministers meeting where holding forums in the community were being planned to discuss Forest Hall. The gentleman also indicated that he wanted my address so that he could send me articles of a newsletter that he writes . All this may be well and good, but he went on to say that he knew of many people upset with my visit to Murfreesboro, and that I need to be careful about coming back to Murfreesboro. He went on to say that the Black's in Nashville were very upset and that were a dangerous crowd that he didn't associate with , and that I'd better think twice before coming back. . He went on to say that there was a tremendous up roar at the University because of my visit, and that he was going up to the college today and take charge of the situation, beginning with a visit with the President of the college. He went on to ask about some email that I might have posted on his computer.

First of all the man who continues to call me does not personify the hateful image depicted in the emails I have seen posted . I am neither afraid of him or the message he portrays. I am merely distrustful of anyone who would have as much hate in their message accredited to them. I am wary when I'm confronted with the epitome of successful hate forged by the conqueror to divide and separate Christian White and Black folks in the Southland of America. I wary when I find people that don't understand that as long as the White folks of the South or forced into subjugation; so shall be their Black Southern family. There is no true Southerner who is willing to submit that there was anything right about the carnage and stealing that took place around the Southland of America before, during and especially after that great war during the period of so called Reconstruction when the planned divided of our period became the modus operandi to keep the Radical Republicans in power , continuing to finance their regional projects. I am wary of anyone who can speak so loudly about the Klan, yet make no mention of the Union League.

Having walked right down the heart of the Southland of America, even on the same highway to Selma that Martin Luther King, H.Rapp Brown, Stokley Carmichael, Joseph Lowery and so many others walked on to Montgomery, having already travel places like Cummings, Georgia gathering love where these same men had found none, carrying the Southern Cross, dressed in the uniform of our Southern Soldiers expectorating truth about the honor and dignity earned, not that displaced by the African man for his family and now homeland; the Southland of America; all the way to the Capitol in Austin; why should I now fear to bring the truth ? If this is truly Rev. Brooks, a man of God; then he should go the University, and demand that they teach those babies about the Morrill Act, the 14th Amendment, the 10th Amendment, Kansas Nebraska Act, the Homestead Act, the burning of the South and the total war instituted on men, women and children, and when he finishes with some of that he should tell them that when Black History month comes around; tell the College to mention the names of Levi Carnine of Louisiana, Holt Collier of Mississippi, Horace King of Alabama, George Mills of North Carolina, Zeb Thompson of Alabama who just happened to stood a stones throw from General Lee when he surrendered his sword to General Grant at Appomattox, and Napoleon Nelson of Tennessee who rode with Forest, the Grandfather of my good friend and Compatriot Nelson Windbush of Florida, or John P.Leach who was with Thompson at Appomattox Courthouse are Black Confederate heroes.Tell the college to have those babies to read the slave chronicles, and if this is too much, then at the very least, read The Un-Civil War , Collectors Edition by Mike Scruggs; it can be found on my web site;