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Dear Todd,

Below is a list of names of Black men recommended that Emily contact who had relatives who fought under General Forrest who would be glad to help her. Contact Ed Butler or Doctor Bradley to get address or telephone numbers or contact information. I also suggest that you should try and get a copy of March Across Dixie Documentary. It has a speech by Stan Armstrong and his love for the memory of Nathan Bedford Forest. It would be even more powerful, if you could play the made for television version of March Across Dixie on your cable channel for three nights that it is edited for. You can go to the web site : and get a copy of the DVD, or call it could help tremendously. I shall forward this message to Stan Darby in Florida, he too can help get you in touch with Mr..Windbush, and possibly the other men. I have an interview with WGNS in Murfreesboro at 3:o'clock this afternoon via telephone. Please tell Emily's mom and dad that Terry Lee and I appreciate their letter of thanks. It was an honor for us to come and stand beside those young people in their stand for our homeland and General Forest. Commander Butler and Commander will probably be in Franklin today. If you have to call Commander Jim Maddox at (423) 854-9299, tell him you need to get to Commander Butler or Bradley with this request; he too will help you. He should be in Franklin also. I will also forward this email to Terry Lee and Mr.. Barber because they can direct you if you all choose to run the documentary on your cable channel.

Your Brother,