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Virginia March

Date: November 22, 2006
To: "'Bill Graham, III'"

Dear Bill,
Terry Lee has concurred that we heed the advice of Daryl Starnes and pick a date in early Spring to finish this. We end a March in Tallahassee some time in early March. Possibly shortly after that would be a good time. I'll take it up with Daryl, Brandon Dorsey, and Grayson Jennings, and Dennis Beeton of DixieOutFitter in Madison Heights, Va. I don't want to see him out of the loop, because we would not have made it as far as we did had it not been for he and his wife. God bless you and thanks very much . However, you had better be careful, your enthusiasm will cause you to chair some part of this endeavor. I spoke with Fred Kunkle of The Washington Post , yesterday, as he and other media types want to know where we are. Yes we do need money for all kinds of expenses concurred doing this.
Public Relations

Doing the course of a day we not only march with the Flag, we teach, we listen, we try undo all the negative public relations laid on the public. I carry and autograph a copy of the handbook The Un-Civil War, by the infamous Mike Scruggs, historical Modern Day Confederate Hero Shirt , and the March Across Virginia Shirt by Southern Heritage 411 designed especially for this historic journey. People along the way want to have a part of you and your message . When a baby is in front of and you give him a shirt and he brings back his little sister, what do you do. You think about that here these kids are wearing and wanting to wear a shirt with the Southern Cross on it, and even more so, the message that it gives to all that see it not only has the Southern Cross but a picture of a Black man in the uniform of the South; or when you have someone in front of you who needs to read some real truth, or just to promote the truth; then you give away one of Mike Scruggs mighty fine books. Then there are all those autographed flags of which some occasion along the way that someone will do something worthy of a gift. The bottom line is that a great deal of what we do is PR, and there are components this that cost.

All the other expenses related that people don't see; fuel and maintenance cost of vehicles, clothes kept cleaned, film and other related supplies to record and document activities, postage. It goes on, but trust me, it is worth very dime in this war that is being raged against my babies whose future of being Southern and all debts owed them for being Southern are in jeopardy of not being paid.
Your Brother,