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March up Route 29 in Virginia

From: Bill Graham, III []
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006

Compatriot Edgerton:

My camp is in Madison County and you pass through there on the way north on Route 29. Publicity has not been easy to find on this and we have wanted to help but did not have enough information.

What do you need: marchers, money, a place to sleep, newspaper coverage? We meet in Madison (monthly meeting)November 21, 7:30 PM, at the home of General James Lawson Kemper on Main Street and would be honored if you would attend our meeting. We can help with transportation and get you a good meal if that would help. Where are you staying? Madison is about twenty-five miles north of Charlottesville.

You have the 19th Virginia Camp in Charlottesville (Lee Scouten - Commander) and the Tazewell Patton Camp in Stanardsville (Greene County). We are next. Then you come to the Brandy Rifles Camp in Culpeper and Black Horse Camp in Warrenton. I am not sure after that.

Let me know how we can support you.

Bill Graham III
Kemper-Fry-Strother Camp 19
Madison, VA