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March Across Virginia / An Open Letter To The Chairman of The Federation of States

Dear Chairman Joyce,
In response to your letter which I greatly appreciate ; ironically some of your concerns are those of many of whom I correspond with. First let me address the March Across Virginia. I have been in touch with Daryl Starnes, the Heritage Defense Chair of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on a daily basis for over a week. It has been reconciled that a mix up in communications on my end did not report the correct date on which I was to begin this March. Daryl, his committee and other Virginia SCV Camp leaders now feel that we should go into winter quarters, prepare for my upcoming March in Florida, continue to raise funds for both venues, and expect their full support should we choose to continue in the Spring into the nations capitol. We have not decided one way or the other, and now will not until weeks end.

Let me say that I truly understand your concern about the Pledge of Allegiance at any Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting. However, having said, I will not lose one of my family over this. we need each other. Our way of life, all unpaid bills due Southerners are being cleansed in the cess pool of historical lies and distortions; Southern cultural genocide is almost complete. The sons of Carpetbaggers have come again; they have taken our lands through taxation, condemnation, and urban renewal with their ill gotten gains; gave the sons of slaves integration, while taking away their Jim Crowe business, his land, his community, his religion, and now ask that they brand themselves as historical traitors, going against the flag of their ancestors because they have had inculcated into their thinking process lies.

At the invitation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Winchester, Virginia, and John Fox of the Angle Valley Press; I had the opportunity to speak to the students, staff and surrounding community on the campus of Shenandoah University. Among those gathered in the auditorium was a young White male student who identified himself as Southern, and in the same breath he told that packed auditorium, half of whom were his fellow Black students; that he didn't care about the Confederate Flag one way or the other. It meant nothing to him to see it gone. In the same venue, a young White female student from New York who was very put back with me for correctly identifying her as a Yankee, and the complicity of the North in the economic institution of slavery. She just wanted to love everybody and truly believed that organizations like the Sons with that flag, keep up old hatreds. She had no idea about events that led up to that conflict, the war crimes of the North, the stealing, murder, rape of war and Reconstruction the planned divide of Southern Black and White folks. I told her that divide already had been in place by Northern Abolitionists:you Blacks are free, but you can't live around here, and since you can't pay for passage out of the State; We will get you out , but the price for passage on a ship sailing South to the Slave Markets. She believed that it was alright to leave the honor of an honorable people tainted with historical distortions and lies, she believed that the stealing and plunder of the South was a debt forgiven, and should never be paid. I myself have asked the staff of the Southern Legal Resource Center to help formulate a plan for me to pay the Edgerton family a symbolic fee for any slave of the Edgerton Clan who might have been forcibly freed without proper compensation to the family under the auspices of the 13th Amendment that sits right at the heart of rightful Southern indignation.

The key mistake of the Ku Klux Klan in my estimation in it's battle against the corrupt and criminal activity of the Northern Union League during reconstruction; was they took it out on loyal Christian Black folk who they lumped in with trash and scalawags. The establishment of the public school system in the South not only taught young Blacks to hate Southern Whites, but also the other way around, especially their historical omission of the place of honor and dignity that the Southern Confederate African earned in the defense of the Southland of America along side that man he not only called Master, but also family and friend.

It is no wonder that the great State of Virginia will not allow Confederate History Month. Our Southern Black, and White babies would learn of Reverend Mack Lee, Horace King, Levi Carnine, Holt Collier, Napoleon Windbush and their heroic deeds for their Southland. Our little White babies would pick up their heads from the shame heaped upon them as they learn about Lincoln's ties to his railroad interest, how the Homestead Act was used to buy votes for Northern interest especially their internal improvement projects , their Northern banking and industrial ties to the economic institution of slavery. Most importantly, my babies both Black and White would learn of a love between that man called Slave and the other called Master; a love descriptive of Christ's teachings. However, a love that has stood all challenges in the course of time, yet a love that is close to sunder in the 21st century because the same agents of the North alongside their Poverty Pimps have come again with their Reconstruction agenda of divide and separate Southern Black and Southern Whites as they continue to enrich themselves at our expense.

Your Brother,