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Days 5 & 6 - H.K. Edgerton's March Across Virginia

(Pictures below)

On Thursday, October 19,2006, Greg Caton, and Greg Kelly of the 58th Virginia Infantry drove over one hundred miles to march with us as we began day 5 of the March Across Virginia from the home site of Confederate Colonel John Singleton Mosby. It would be pretty much an uneventful morning with lots of folks waving and taking pictures of us and shouting out praise as we marched forward. We would pass a house that was pretty much hidden from view, but we could hear the voice of a lady call out to us ; boys, where are you marching off to ? I would respond that we were heading to Washington seeking help from our President to end a terrible wrong that had been done to our Southland and her people. When we finally could see her; she was an elderly Black lady. She said to us , now you boys be careful, and go with God's speed , and I hope that for all of us you are successful in your mission. I believe that we all stepped more lively after that dialogue than we had all day. When the day finally came to an end, I would feel some what sadden, because I had to say good bye to two of my best friends.

Later that evening, Dennis Beeton, and his beautiful wife Brenda, Terry Lee and myself would attend the meeting of the Garland & Rodes Camp# 409 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. One of the baby girls (Catherine) who had attended the meeting with her dad, came over to me during a five minute break called by the Commander. I don't know why she made her way to where I was sitting, but she came and sat right next to me and we began to have small talk about her day in school. She told me about how her family had been mistreated in her estimation on a visit to Gettysburg; she then told about how she had been given a bad time at the school she attended because she loved to wear her DixieOutFitter shirts. She said that she did not understand because some of those who gave her a bad time wore all kinds of shirts that said all kinds of things that didn't sit well with her , but that she understood their 1st amendent rights to do so. I love Cathrine because she set the stage for all the things i would later say to those present as I asked for their support for our continued journey north. I in no uncertain terms told those present that I did not like leaning on the Beeton's of DixieOutFitter and the Tennesse Sons for support for this most important trek, and most certainly to return home with our coffers bare and still have all the calls for help from my babies here in the South, North where some now reside, and even many who serve our country in Iraq, Afganhistan, and many foreign lands. They promised that they would join Terry Lee, Dennis and myself on the morning of Saturday the twenty first of October, 2006 as we enter the town of Charlottesville.


Today, October 20, 2006, Terry Lee, Dennis Beeton and myself would be joined by David Ponton , a candidate for Commander of the Garland & Rodes Camp #409 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; the very same Camp whose meeting we had attended the night before. I know that David must have tired of hearing me rant about how the Sons badly needed to go on the offense more to fight the now more frequent attacks upon our Southland and our children. I told him that this highway that we now traveled with all those people who were blowing their horns , giving us so much praise , bringing us food and blessings needed to see the scene that we were giving them at this moment more. Just about that time, a dump truck would pass us by with two young Black men in the cab waving a Confederate Battle Flag with the biggest smiles on their faces . You could feel their pride. The more we marched, the more they came to give us their love. David was beside himself to see such a spectacle of love coming from so many. It was a scene played out before me many times,and one that I have become use to. These were not closet Confederates, they have always been there, they just need some one to lead. I am so happy that David had come to see our people express their love. We would end our ten mile trek for the day one mile from the city limits of Charlottesville, where we shall began on the morrow.

Terry Lee, and I shall spend the afternoon of Saturday after the March, at the beautiful Dixie OutFitter store of the Beetons, signing books and shirts. Afterwards we shall say our heartfelt adieus to the Beetons, and thank them for making our stay such a pleasant one. However, I hate to sound pessimistic, but because of the lack of support , we may have to end this journey before we reach George Bush and the White House.