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An Open Report / Speech at Shenandoah University Henkel Hall Auditorium

I would like to personally thank John J. Fox, III, and the Turner Ashby Camp #1567 Sons of Confederate Veterans for sponsoring my speaking appearance on the campus of Shenandoah University at Henkel Hall auditorium, in the lovely Winchester, Virginia on the evening of October 9, 2006.

It was a most exhilarating experience to have a dialogue with the many young students who had done much research on me. It was remarkable to find that some had place condemnation on the whole of the Southland because of the actions of one. I listen to the tales of woe from one young Black man as I had listen to far more tales of love and acts of kindness from that Southern White man he had come to hate ; possibly in the body politic, the greatest victim of all. One young Black male student wanted to know where I came about so much information that they had never heard before. What was this Union League that I spoke of, love between slave and master ? Nathan Bedford Forrest; the first Civil Rights Leader for Southern Blacks, the Northern and world wide complicity in the slave trade, underlining fact that what that Southern White Man and his African partner accomplished with a product called cotton ; was to drag man kind from the caves of darkness and helped build the economies of most of the suppose civilize world, to include Russia, France, Great Britain, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia ect., and that the greatest tragedy of all was that America had blamed the whole of the economic institution of slavery off on the Southern Judaea Christian white folks in the Southland of America to cover its hide in the stealing, and criminal acts it vented on the South before, during and after the War Between The States, the public school system and the Freedman's bureau adopted a modus operandi to divide and separate southern white and southern blacks , while glorifying itself as this great liberator. One young white female student was quiet put back with me for several reasons. One she did not like being identified as a Yankee , and felt that I was only being divisive by doing that to her and the other students, parents, teachers, and members of the diverse community that had taken of their time to come hear me speak, and then have me ask if their were any Yankees present, blame them far the War, accuse them of war crimes, teaching lies and distortions in the public school system .

I was so very glad to have had on my person copies of the now published short articles by the Asheville / Hendersonville Tribune Newspapers Mike Scruggs on the real and covered up facts on what really happened around here in America in those turbulent times that brought us to war, and the aftermath that we still suffer because we are Southern. Yet above all else, in lieu of all the things that have been forced upon us, and all the unpaid debts owed us by this nation; we continue to have our faith in God, and remain a loyal and patriotic people to our nation, and yet all the while sending our children off in record numbers, as did our ancestors to make war for what we believe in.

I hope they invite me back. I shall see you all in Washington.