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An Open Letter/How do we disassociate the flag from supremacy


Dear Lieut. Carney,

On last evening past as I began packing in final preparation for my upcoming March into Washington, D.C.; I would be asked virtually the same question by a group of young girls along with my niece that you posed to me in an email message. How do we disassociate the flag from supremacy groups? I don't honestly believe that you can. Only the truth can set one free. This nation on purpose taught an untruth to its people, and then set them against each other. It is unfortunate that so many honorable people are perceived as evil because we don't have facts to process into our thinking process.

The girls who sat before me wanted to know how I could carry the Confederate Flag when the Klan had just expressed their hate for Black people, and why did they hate us ? The only answer that I could give them without going into a litany of reasons was that the public school system had taught them to. Had any of the Klan read the infamous letter written to the Yankee General Howard of the Freedman's Bureau by the Honorable Reverend R.L. Dabney from Prince Edward County, Va. in June of 1865; they would have never ever fallen susceptible to the chicanery of the North to divide and separate, or hold responsible that unwilling, and unknowing African who was caught in the middle. I could not justify taking the flag away from the Klan, when so many of their very own relatives like far too many who look like me had fought under this glorious Southern Flag. However, I can surely tell them that men like the Honorable General Marse Robert E. Lee, General Nathan Bedford Forest, General Patrick Cleyburn, General Wade Hampton, General Stephen D. Lee, or President Jefferson Davis would cotton to anyone terrorizing the very Honorable people who had stood by them in a time when their very own brothers, and in many cases fathers invaded their homes, killed, raped, robbed, stole, and virtually ravished their homeland with no sense of decency to follow the norms of civilize war fare that even primitive warriors would adhere to when confronting innocent men women, and children. I would tell the Klan that these men like Rev. R.L. Dabney from Prince Edward County, Virginia, knew that the African was an unsuspecting pawn at the mercy of a man who would use him as a tool to drive a wedge into the heart of the Southern White man. However, I would tell the Southern Klan that not all these men were the Jesse Jackson of their time; far too many, if not most, would roll up their sleeves alongside that man they still called master, and do as they had done when together they drugged the entire supposedly civilize world from the caves of human darkness with a product called cotton ; with everything stacked against them : the Abomination Acts, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Sherman's Field Order to steal from the White Man--Forty Acres and a Mule, Union League, the 14th Amendment, the 10th Amendment, Carpetbaggers, burned fields, stolen or murdered farm animals, and their very own Jim Crowe.

I would tell the Klan that far too many of those people who look like me, rather than choose colonization back to Africa, chose to stay beside that man that he not only called master, but also family as he had done when he made the implements of war, provided the food stuff to a beleaguered army, stayed honorably with his family while all the men were away fighting his brothers and their soldiers of fortune, and even fought by his side in honor. I would tell the Klan and any other Supremacist; down here in those cotton, corn, and sugar fields, between that man called slave and the other called master; the love of Jesus Christ that General Stone Wall Jackson spoke to those little Black babies in Sunday School, was found and practiced right here in the Southland of America, in lieu of the economic institution of slavery, and perhaps if we had been left alone, and not fell victim to mans old age habit of greed; then we would be shining examples of a Constitution whose meaning of Democracy with all men created equal would be fact. God bless the Ku Klux Klan for they too are victims of man's inhumanity to man like all the rest of us. It is all so sad.

I shall ask the President all along the way ; to please have the courage within his powers to restore the honor to an honorable people, end a terrible historical lie , and return the thievery taken unjustly from an honorable patriotic section of this country, and allow us to honor our ancestors and symbols in peace.

Terry Lee and I leave on Monday evening October 9, 2006 in route to Madison Heights, Virginia, where we will give a series of lectures, and step off into history once more on our trek to Washington, D.C., on the morning of October 14, 2006.

HK Edgerton