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Children of Blount County / An Open Letter

It is important not to ever forget and support the courageous babies of Blount County, Tennessee, who like their Southern ancestors have made a stand in Dixie Land for what they feel to be right. These young peoples actions are indicative of the makeup of what it truly means to be a Southern American; you can name call them, intimidate them, force shame upon them, place great odds against them, try to divide and separate them, but when the day is done and the dust has cleared; you'll find them, my Blount County babies standing proudly supported by their Judeo/Christian ethic and belief in the Constitutional values fought so hard for by their ancestors in every venue in the development of this nation.

The Blount County School Board has every right to be afraid, because it is the courage of our babies who will one day force historical truths that lay hidden in a bed of lies.