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March Across Dixie Photo Exhibit Blount County

As we continue to press onward with our Heritage Offense Agenda; we are proud to announce that Reverend Tom Hadley of Freewill Baptist Church in Blount County Tennessee had agreed to allow us to exhibit the Historical March Across Dixie photographs on a date to be announced later this month at the Church. With limited funding from the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, we have already began matting and framing selected photographs from Terry Lee Edgerton's photo collection journal that include those photographs used as expert witness evidence material in the Jacqueline Duty Case. I would hope that the many of our compatriots who donated so freely to the Historical journey would open up your purses and help us to present to the public this photo depiction that will surely give meaning to the phrase; "a picture is worth a thousand words," and more importantly they give meaning to my continue rhetoric about the love between Black and White folks in the Southland of America, no matter what story others may tell.

I especially challenge those organizations who benefit from all the positive exposure that the Historical March Across Dixie bring to their venues to help us help our Southern cause and my babies in Blount County and across this Nation. Donations should be sent to HK Edgerton, Southern Legal Resource Center, P.O.Box1235, Black Mountain, N.C.28711.