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An Open Letter: Being Southern

I read with interest an article in a local news paper," The Asheville Citizen Times"; their reporter was asking people on the street what it meant to be Southern. One young Mexican girl said she had no idea what they were talking about. I only came here for employment so I could make money for myself and send some back home. If you ask a real Southerner you will get a variety of answers all being tied to the culture in the regional boundaries of the Mason/Dixon Line. Whether the roots of our ancestors were free, indentured, or slave; to be Southern sets one apart morally and socially from people of other parts of this union.

In the Southland of America in that cotton field where so much has been written to defame Christian White folks , yet never is adequately told of all he gave to that Black man he called slave and family which enabled him to survive America. In his infinite wisdom God had set these men on a path of love only congruous to that spoken of by Jesus Christ. Far too many distortions have been written about the horrors of slavery and not enough about the Christian values of a people and the transmittal of those values to a being deemed less than a man , as together they fed and clothed a Nation and the entire civilized world. The tragedy that be felled them was the" War Between The States". It is no doubt that White folks in the South knew that to set a man free meant that he would have high moral character and the means to provide for himself and his family, starting with shelter and land; all of which he provided. With the coming of the industrial revolution; abolition was foremost on many minds, it had been their modus operandi to provide real emancipation, not the corruption and criminality that has faced the African people since April 9, 1865 to the present as they are used as unknowing pawns against their Southern White family with the help of the public school system designed from a reconstructionist thought to divide, separate, and teach the whole of America to remember our Southern ancestors with shame.

Contrary to what the printed media may reveal, no true Southerner, be he Red, Black , or White would ever betray the Christian Banner ; our Confederate Flag, or our Southland. It makes us no less patriotic , just Southern.