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The announcements of the airing of the Historical March Across Dixie Documentary have already began in earnest in Maryville, Tennessee. Just about every major Southern organization and several political parties (Southern Party, Libertarian etc.) will have there say in this three hour Mini Series Documentary over the course of three days beginning the day after Martin L.King Birthday Celebrations end. We fully expect that this documentary will surely deflate the momentum that those who hate all things Southern hope to gain by their sure to be aired footage of Blacks in the South being hosed and beaten .

We have already turned our sights to Ashland, Kentucky where the Jacqueline Duty case will be tried in the upcoming months. We hope to raise the necessary funds to air MAD during Black History Month, and to present a physical presence in that community. Strategically, it is important because some of the film footage and pictorial documentation is a part of the expert witness material in the case . Maryville, Tennessee and Ashland, Kentucky are places where Southerners can move major ground in their battle for vindication . Please help me with your continued support to the Southern Legal Resource Center March Across Dixie Fund; and I give a special thanks to my bigoted friends from Alabama who sent me a gracious donation of $100.00 even though as they continue to express their dissatisfaction of my presence in the Southern civil Rights Movement.

Your Brother,