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Dear Commander Butler,
In order to play the March Across Dixie for three nights and the commercial announcements that run a week before it shows was approximately $2,800.00. My little brother shouldered the entire cost for doing the same thing here in Asheville, and Buncombe County three weeks ago, and I have received more questions from local students and their teachers about the March and the War Between The states and what is happening in America than ever before. Terry Lee and I have worked out the same deal with Charter in Maryville. However, I can't just stop there. I need to be able to travel into Maryville. I want my babies and that community to see our vigilance . I want to attend some of their basketball games also while I have the momentum. God bless you Sir and Jim Maddox , and Michael Lee Beck, as well as the Tennessee Division of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans for having the confidence you have shown in me . I believe with all my heart that there is something special about Maryville.

However, Commander Butler, unfortunately the battle front for me is not just Maryville. I need a war chest just like Kirk D. and the rest of SLRC. I am no lawyer, and as they have indicated, to do the street fighting in the court of public opinion as I do . I have to begin raising my own funds. As I begin to give expert testimony in the Jacqueline Duty case, I cannot forget that another battle looms on the front in Kentucky. I cannot forget my babies in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Neither can I forget my Southern babies in the entire State of Pennsylvania who have been told; that the South don't want that flag, and they don't either, so they began banning it in their school systems. If I can raise $10,000.00, it won't be enough, but I can tell you this for a fact; the enemies of our South will suffer major set backs in this war they continue to wage upon us. I hate with a passion not being able to at least move about.
Your brother,