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An open letter / Jacqueline Duty

Today as began I to study and read the some of the proposed expert testimony for the Russell Independent Board of Education , I became less impressed with the declaration of Gerald L. Smith , Ph.D. and the assertion that his opinions were based on more than fifteen years as a professional historian. I have come to know that most of these Government educated professionals have had their educational processes some what tainted by Northern teachings that only glorify the conqueror of my Southland. It is very easy to go into the body politic and pick out particular incidents, either good or bad, and pass them off as the rule of the day. Picking out bad things and highlighting them as the norm is how Northern propaganda works.

Some of what Mr.. Smith asserts may have merit, but again becomes more tainted because of all those things he left out . My mom always taught her children the fact for every reaction, there is an equal an opposite reaction. Mr.. Smith speaks of the Klan, but like too many others of his thinking, he never speaks of the Union or Loyal Leagues . He speaks of the Slave Chronicles, but never about how so much of those chronicles were changed and tampered with by Northern Abolitionist with the sanction of the Federal Government, because they did not want the world to hear of the love between this man that had been a slave and the man he called Master. He speaks of the turbulent civil rights period, but fails to mention that had it not been for all those things that the federal government of the North instituted and sanctioned ; starting with John Brown's raid at Harpers ferry whose first victim was an African, and leading up to all the kinds of atrocities committed during the so call period of Reconstruction designed to separate the White and Black man of the South at a time when the Christian White folks of the South were ready to do all things right by that Black man who so many of them had began to call family; we as Southern Black folks would never have had to endure.

How can anyone expect me to act as a free man if I do not respect the letter of the law. Under the Constitution of the United States of America , slavery was legal , and many a free black man argued for the maintenance of the economic institution of slavery. Mans inhumanity to man has no racial, religious, or political boundaries. For Mr.. Smith or anyone like him who has been educated in the environment of Northern revisionism, to assert that there was some noble cause fought in this land by Northerners for the liberation of Southern Blacks or Northern far that matter, is pure poppycock. I can only remind him of an old wise Southern saying; the pot can't call the kettle black. If now we are ridding ourselves of symbols that have offensive nature based on facts, then don't leave out the Stars and Stripes. Let's rid ourselves of it also and start all over. I can only conclude that the way we are heading in this political environment , the day will come very soon when this will become an issue.

While my name does not carry the credentials of Ph.D; I have walked down the highways traveled by some of the nations most prominent civil rights leaders carrying the Southern Cross, dressed in the uniform of the honorable Confederate soldier, confabulating with the people all the way. I have heard their stories, witnessed their love for a flag that their ancestors earned a place of honor and dignity under, felt the pain they too have felt for trying to express a truth that has forever been suppressed in the annals of historical lore, understand the paid off poverty pimps who enrich themselves by promoting a hate that would never be or have been had it not been for criminal and ruthless acts of the Northern sponsored agents during reconstruction, and now as they are bent on making Blacks in the South do what no slave or freedman loyal to his family and homeland do ; become a traitor.

I invite Mr..Smith and his kind to view the historical March Across Dixie Tapes , and the photographs taken of this journey by Terry Lee Edgerton, and try and deny what he sees and hears from people of the South who look like him, yet call themselves Southern.

HK Edgerton