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The Battle Of Fort Dickerson, November 11-13, 2005

I would like to thank the Tennessee Division for a memorable time and especially Sheila and all the pistol packing ladies from the Ellen Renshaw House Chapter of The United Daughters Of The Confederacy , who came and saved me from a bunch of Yankee soldiers bent on kidnapping me at the close of the reenactment of The Battle at Fort Dickerson this past weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee ; fed and loved me like a brother.

I am some what humbled by the show of love that I received from all the children who either visited the Confederate encampment , or were family members of the reenactors. However, far too many of them had horror stories to tell about the treatment they were receiving from school officials who viewed the Southern Cross as a symbol of shame, and the men and women who defended it as treasonous and not worthy of any display that depicted their cause. They talked to me about school officials having this thing called implied immunity that allowed them to take away their limited 1st amendment rights at the school house doors. With the exception of the few who were home school, none knew of the Morril Act, the original 13th amendment, 14th amendment. They all knew some horror story about the Ku Klux Klan, but nothing about the Union League .

I will probably not be invited back because on Sunday morning , I chided all the Southern Christian White folks for sitting back as they had done in Maryville and Blount County Tennessee and allowing the children of the enemies of their grandfathers to hold office on an elected school board , effectuate policies that not were not only anti Southern, but to force all our children to remember some of the most honorable and courageous men and women on God's earth with shame. To add to these unconstitutional acts of flagrant discrimination , they further fuel the flames of the hate constructed by their very own ancestors during reconstruction as they continue to try and separate black and white folks in the South with distortions of our history and relationships. Those little white and black babies need to know why those African mothers were so proud of the sons they sent in the defense of what had become their homeland. Those little White and Black babies need to be able to call out the names of those Black Confederate heroes like Levi Carnine, Holt Collier, Napoleon Windbush, John Mills, Rev. Mack Lee and the many others like them and their deeds of courage.

On this weekend of fun and entertainment, I would again be reminded by my babies that things are not right in the South, and they wanted help in making them so. I want to thank the many of them and others who bought my historical Dixie OutFitter Shirt. The purchase of this shirt allows me to move about in this war for vindication of my Southern family ; and I send a special thanks to Dewey Barber and my Dixie OutFitter family for making it so.

HK Edgerton