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Banning of the Confederate Flag and all things Southern :President Student Body University Of Mississippi

Dear Mr... President,

Under the Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide, coming out of the Dean of students office; the University claims that the University has no tolerance for harassing behavior and supports every person's right to work, and study in a bias - free environment. What a bunch of poppy cock this is when the University bans the playing of Dixie, teach our children or leave them to believe that our beloved Southern Cross is offensive, and that the cause for which the Great State of Mississippi and some of the most honorable men and women who repelled an invader was unjust. Yet all the while the University proclaims it is committed to achieving the highest possible quality instruction, research, service programs, and support operations ; at the same time dumbing down our Southern babies about the Morril Act, the Original 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, the criminalities engulfed in Reconstruction or the horrors and atrocities committed by the Northern Federal Governments Union(Loyal)Leagues, while pointing a finger at the Ku Klux Klan whose early actions saved a many Black and White family from sure death from these Northern Federal Government sponsored thugs who wanted to stay in political power and did everything to separate Southern Black and White folks from each other.

What is most offensive to me as a Southern Black man who has spent most of his life in the civil rights arena, and whose Great Grandmother Hattie Edgerton who came to the honorable Dr.Thomas R.Edgerton family of Rutherford County, North Carolina, and who would send her son John to assist Dr.Edgerton during the War for Southern Independence, and the many other loyal Black Southern grandmothers and grandfathers who would do the same for their homeland and White families; have this honor and loyalty historically snatched away. We as supposedly liberated Africans were beat, raped, stolen from the streets and forced to work for the company store at wages that kept us in conditions far worse than slavery, lynched and forced to give our loyalty to the Federal Flag, and hate our Southern White family; while never telling our children of the honor, dignity and loyalty earned by the African people to our Southern Flag and the many African heroes and heroines who served under the banner.

In 2002 I adorned the uniform of my grandpa and Southland , picked up her honorable flag, began marching 20 miles a day, six days a week until my brother and I reached the great state of Mississippi where we were presented with her State flag; the same one that her citizens voted to maintain that bore the Southern Cross. We marched on across the state while confabulating with the citizens all along the way. I shall never forget the words of one Black young lady as I cross a bridge; these same words would cover the front page of the local newspaper the next day:"Johnny with his glorious flag has finally come marching home."

While the student government may feel that you've done something good for all those poor old Black folks that find the Southern Flag offensive. You have not ! You have dishonored yourselves, all of our honorable ancestors, and helped to continue a Northern Reconstruction policy of divide and separate with full knowledge that if truths be told here in America; bills will have to be paid, honor and constitutional government restored. I the direct descendant of slaves shall never betray my South or become a victim of those who poison our minds with half truths as they come again to take whets left of their plunder.

HK Edgerton
Chairman Of The Board Of Advisors Emeritus
Southern Legal resource Center