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Flag Appreciation

On Wednesday October 27, 2005, for no reason other than it was a good day as any day is, to fly the Southern Cross ; I place my chair across from the fairway of the seventh green of Asheville Municipal Golf Course. After being there for only a short time, I began to hope that all the cars honking as they pass by, not to mention the rebel yells, would not disturb the players playing the hole. To my delight and surprise foursome after foursome of players cross the road to the old abandoned fruit stand where I sat, to either shake my hand or give me a hug.

The wonderful irony about this display of love is that it began with the girls golf team of one of the local high schools when a baby girl who I had the occasion of playing with her and her father (a class mate of Terry Lee) bolted across the fairway to give me the first hug. Even more wonderful for me was that Claire Bear as her dad fondly calls her is only in the eight grade and had been invited by the high school to play in a practice round with the coaches and their number one player; Claire was holding her own as I knew she would.