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Mountain Making Festival

On Saturday October 23, and Sunday October 24, 2005, I had the opportunity to attend the Mountain Making Festival at the invitation of LT.Commander Mike Beck of the Morristown Camp of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans.

It was a pleasure to sit in the Sons Camp and converse with the general public about Southern Heritage and the need for the throngs of those who visited to become involved in the day to day affairs of the body politic that now threatens our Southland with the intent of destroying all things Southern via their invasion of out school boards, chamber of commerce,and political bodies etc..

I was especially impressed by the number of Black participants who with their children visited our encampment , took all the information we gave them , bought and loved my historic Dixie OutFitter shirt. One young Black man about the age of 23, remarked to me after sizing me up in my Confederate uniform as I sat with my flag in the dining area ; sir you are the moment of truth, and I respect you for standing for that.