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Black Confederate Protests Dupont

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Former NAACP branch President, H.K. Edgerton will travel Thursday October 30, to Richmond, Virginia to support a Confederate Southern American vigil in front of the DuPont Spruance plant due to the plant's banning of Confederate symbols.

The protest vigil has been ongoing for 3 years.

The SLRC's chief trial counsel, Kirk D. Lyons, recently filed a discrimination lawsuit against DuPont on behalf of 7 SCV member DuPont employees for the banning of Confederate symbols, alleging discrimination based on race, religion and national origin as Confederate Southern Americans.

"DuPont has claimed in a Motion filed with the court that it is a fact that the Confederate flag is disruptive in the workplace because it is offensive to African Americans, said Edgerton. "I will be carrying my Confederate flag in front of the DuPont plant to prove that their assertion is a bald faced lie," Edgton concluded.

The lawsuit contends that the banning of the flag, not the presence of the flag, heightened racial tension at the plant.

Edgerton is Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the SLRC and recently resigned as a member of the Board of Directors, so as Edgerton put it " I can continue to vigorously protest heritage atrocities against Confederate Southern Americans."

Edgerton completed a 1,606 mile march from Asheville, NC to Austin Texas last year carrying a Confederate flag and wearing a Confederate uniform.

Edgerton will travel to Roxboro, NC on Friday to march to Persons High School where Confederate symbols were banned, and attend a heritage rally afterward.

The SLRC is a non-profit tax exempt civil rights law firm that litigates Southern heritage violations and advocates on behalf of Confederate Southern Americans.