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Forrest Rally

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013, Debbie Sidle [sidlehill@yahoo.ce Confederate com] wrote:

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

I donated to your Paypal account. I hope to see you at Forrest Park but, if not, I will look forward to meeting you in the future.


Debbie Sidle


From: HK Edgerton [hk.edgerton@gmail.com]
To: Debbie Sidle [sidlehill@yahoo.com]

Dear Ms.Debbie,

Unfortunately, I will not be in Memphis. No excuses, the funds did not come in time. However, make no matter of this because I am there in spirit with you, as is those of the men and women whose glorious Stand against an Army that lost its moral ground as it murdered, burned out, starved, and raped like no army in any war before.

I am sadden because I cannot be there to boast of the Black men and women from all over Tennessee who were so gracious to listen to my accounting of a different side of a tale that many had already learned from their ancestors about the War Between the States, and many knew of some Black family who were Confederate soldiers, but like so many White folk, they just didn't want any trouble And none like the fact that the Parks were being renamed as if the majority of Blacks folks in the community wanted it so. God bless you, and thanks, I shall make you proud