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Over 140 years has passed since the end of the War for Southern Independence. The history of this war and it's causes is still a hot issue because our nation has not been told the whole truth. Black and white Southerners are ignorant of the fact that the great majority of black people supported the South in this struggle for truly representative government. History taught in our government controlled public schools and news reported up by the liberal media perpetuate the myths of this epic struggle and contribute to the misunderstanding and ignorance between the races.

Both races contributed many lives, limbs and property to establish a South independent of domination by an all-powerful Federal government. Though their common effort was not successful, it does not diminish their mutual sacrifices.

Southern Heritage 411 hopes to advance race relations in the South by educating black and white Southerners to the real truth regarding this common struggle. We believe that when the real truth is known, the races will understand and respect each other's sacrifices and contributions and reconciliation and can begin in earnest. Our mission is to facilitate this education and reconciliation.

Southern Heritage 411 Inc. is dependent upon the support of the public for its survival. We have no government grants or support in any form other than from the public through their contributions and purchasing of our products.

All monies donated via contributions or through the purchase of our products will be used to advance our mission. We urge you to give generously and help us in our efforts to promote understanding and reconciliation.

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