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Black Confederates

We are often led to believe that somehow the War For Southern Independence was fought to allow the suppression of the Black man. These articles show that to be a misconception.

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Holt Collier - Mississippi Legend

Company H, "Independent Volunteers" - 57th Georgia Infantry

Blacks And The Confederacy

Remembering Fort Fisher’s Black Confederate Soldiers

Actually, Black Confederate Soldiers Served With Distinction Throughout Civil War

Holt Collier Marker - Live Oak Cemetery, Greenville MS

When Rucker Called The Roll — A Soldier’s Story

Polk Arnold  (Article originally posted December 2009 - updated March 2011)

A Tribute To The Man In Black

Black Confederate: A. D. Mitchell

Battle Of Griswoldville, Georgia

Diversity In The Confederate Armed Forces

Black Mississippi Legislator Defends Confederate Monument

Black Southerners In Confederate Gray

Amos Rucker - A Soldier Remembered

Black Confederate From North Carolina

The Case of David H. White and the First Emancipation Proclamation

Remembering Black Confederates

Black Confederates

Vignettes Of Black Confederates

The Black Confederates Experience

Muster Guard Of Native Roll II

Muster Guard Of Native Roll I

Their Story

Monuments Honor The Blacks Who Wore Gray

Robert E. Lee On Black Confederate Troops

Union Documentation On Black Confederates

First Negro Regiment

CSA Amendment For Negro Soldiers

Confederate Negro Enlistments

Black Southerners In Gray

Blacks Who Fought For The South

Black Confederates Fact Page

Blacks In Gray

Black Confederate Participation

Black Confederate Soldiers

Regimental History Outline

William Bugg, African American Confederate States Naval Officer

African-American Confederate Soldier Honored

The Chandler Boys

True Defiance

Monuments Honor The Blacks Who Wore Gray

The Real Forgotten Men

Quotations On Black Confederates

Acknowledging Black Confederates

Black Confederates Fact Page

Black Confederates Have Their Own Lesson To Teach

Were Blacks "Forced to Fight" for the Confederacy?

How Did Black Southerners Respond When War Was Declared?

Why Blacks Fought For The Confederate States Of America

The Valor Of Black Confederates

Twelve Reasons We Don't Believe In Black Confederates

Blacks Also Fought For Confederacy In Civil War

Did Blacks Serve In The C.S. Army? You Can Bet They Did!

The Forgotten Black Confederate Soldiers

Petersburg, Virginia Black Confederates

A Letter From A Black Confederate

Black Confederates Memorialized

On Black Confederates

The Fight For Equal Rights: Black Soldiers In The Civil War

Forgotten Confederates

The Black Troops Of The Civil War

Black Regiments In The American Civil War

Blacks Who Fought For The South

Black Americans In The Confederate Navy And Marine Corps

African-American Confederate Soldier To Be Honored (Richard Poplar)

"Ten Cent" Bill Yopp

'Uncle Bob', 112 Was Illinois' Oldest Vet

In Memorial, Henry "Dad" Brown, Black Confederate Drummer

Amos Rucker

Proud of Holt Collier and Greenville

Black Confederate Veteran To Get Proper Memorial At Blandford

Amos Rucker, Black Confederate

Uncle Lewis

The Passing Of Richard "Dick" Poplar

Richard "Dick" Poplar Day

History Of The Life Of William Mack Lee

The King Of Bridges (Horace King)

Horace King - Slave Turned Bridge Builder

Holt Collier - Mississippi

Confederate Headstone Dedication To Holt Collier